Beware of fake tracking number “US9514901185421”: Know everything about it


Do you know? The tracking number US9514901185421 is a fake tracking. This is being used by the scammers as a phishing scam. Basically, this is a scam that involves sending emails, text messages, and many other things. The text messages of emails will have a message that will say that you have received a package that is waiting for them in USPS. The email will also have a tracking number that will look like US9514901185421 and it a website also will be there of USPS. However, this all is fake just to steal and get the personal information and the financial information of the people.

Is USPS delivery mail fake all the time or real?

USPS is real but recently there have been so many scams going under this name. Here are the signs through which you can know that the message or email you have received is fake.

A greeting is placed in the place of the name (e.g. customer, account holder, dear, and many other salutations.

The email address of the sender is not associated with a legitimate domain name.

There is some time limit or uncharacteristic sense of urgency.

The email might have a message written where you are invited to click on a link to resolve the issue. 

There will be grammatical errors, bad sentence structure and many more in the message. 

So, if you ever receive the tracking mail of USPS, better check properly if it is fake or real.

What to do if you receive this message or mail?

In case, you ever receive this message or email, then you should avoid clicking on the link that you are provided with. This is because it will pass on your information to the scammers which would result in a threat to you. So, better avoid this, if you really want to know whether you have received some package or not there is something that you can do. You can go to the website of USPS and there with the tracking number you can check about your package. If you have seriously received something then the tracking number will show up otherwise it will show you invalid information. Hence, to stay away from the scam this is one of the best things you can do.