Brand Activation Strategies and the Technology You Need to Succeed

The power of brand activations is that they connect with audiences and potential consumers in the real world. At a time when people feel saturated with advertisements on their phones, TV screens, and computers, meeting them out in the real world can shake things up and create a very different kind of impression.

Brand activations help companies increase brand awareness, increase their reach, enter new markets, and create emotional connections with their target demographics.

There are several strategies you can take to run a successful brand activation. Let’s take a look at some of the most common types of activations used by brands.

#1 Sponsorship Activations

Companies sponsor events to reach new customers, stay on people’s minds, and improve public perception.

Brands can also leverage sponsorships into something more. Activations are an opportunity to generate goodwill as well as name recognition. When a corporation sponsors a contest or giveaway at the big game, people associate them with a fun night out and supporting their team. It’s a way to create goodwill and get your name out there.

Vying for attention at a music festival, concert, or game can be a challenge. Brands need to be sure that they have something worth stopping for. One way to get more attention and persuade attendees to stop is through digital displays for rent.

Portable digital billboards are a dynamic, visually-appealing way to get people’s attention. Today, they can be installed anywhere within minutes, indoors or outdoors. As portable digital billboards have evolved, they’ve become easier to deploy for one-off events and short periods of time.

#2 Experiential Marketing

Experiential marketing campaigns are unique campaigns that get new audiences involved. It increases awareness, generates demand, and creates an authentic, in-person or live experience that consumers will be more likely to remember.

Experiential marketing creates participatory experiences with your brand attached. It might be a gamification experience you create as part of a sponsorship. It could be an event with brand ambassadors in a busy public place where you hand out samples. It can be anything where you get people to stop and engage.

Experiential marketing is a way to entertain and create emotional connections. They meet audiences out in the world and can be much more memorable than digital or broadcast ads.

#3 Pop Up Campaigns

A pop-up shop is a great way for a brand to test out a new market, try new concepts, and get its name out there. It creates a quick point of contact and can drive quick conversions. They delight customers and turn engagements with your brand into an event.

Pop up events are also a great excuse to leverage PR and work with local influencers to generate buzz. Exciting pop-up campaigns get attention on social and in local media. When you can attract a line for your pop-up shop, you’ve mastered the art of brand activations.

Brand activations level up your marketing campaigns. Support your activation with portable digital billboards, unique experiences, samples, or giveaways. A successful brand activation drives engagement and conversions.