Indian Players Were Awarded Scores After Their Victory Over The West Indies In The One-Day International Series


An India/West Indies one-day international series finished with a clean sweep as India won all three games. You can check latest today cricket update news for more information. For the sake of comparison, below are the rankings of the other team’s players:

  • Shikhar Dhawan:

168 runs @ 56, HS: 97

The India skipper ended the first one-day international with a score of 97 from 99 balls played while guiding India to a total of 308-7. Despite weak performance in the next game (a 13-run haul from 31 balls), he built on that solid foundation in the third match (a fifty-run haul from 58 balls) to be dismissed for 58. Throughout the series, the captain made tremendous improvements to his bowling style (bowling alterations).

  • Shubman Gill:

205 runs @ 102.50, HS: 98*

Gill has established himself as an automatic pick for the one-day international squad as a result of his streak of outstanding innings. However, since he did not capitalize on his opportunities in the first two encounters, his overall score will be reduced by one point as a result. On Wednesday, it was pouring heavily as he was on the brink of achieving his first century in an ODI, but he was left stranded at 98 not out instead of reaching the milestone.

  • Sanju Samson:

72 runs @ 36, HS: 54

Samson was unable to capitalize on the chance presented to him when he was put into the batting position in the order of choosing before Ishan Kishan. In the second game, he scored 12 and 6* points in addition to a fifty, but he was fouled at an important stage in the game, which prevented him from completing the comeback. He was awarded an additional point for a sensational catch that he made in the first one-day international that India played in, which contributed to India’s triumph.

  • Shreyas Iyer:

161 runs @ 53.66, HS: 63

Iyer, who now has a batting average of over 42 for the year, extended his great form by hitting two half-centuries in the first two One-Day Internationals (ODIs). In the third game, he was eliminated as a result of his 44 runs off 34 balls. Because of Iyer’s strikeout at No. 3, the batting average was 99.38 when he decided to walk away from the game.

  • Suryakumar Yadav:

30 runs @ 10, HS: 13

In the One-Day International series against the Windies, Suryakumar scored 13, 9, and 8 runs, demonstrating once again that he performs better in Twenty20 Internationals than in One-Day Internationals. Although India laid a strong foundation in each of the three games, they still need assistance from Suryakumar to get things going in a hurry. Unfortunately, the batsman for the Mumbai Indians was not successful in achieving this objective.

  • Deepak Hooda:

60 runs @ 30, HS: 33
1 wicket @ 80, BBI: 1-42

The real form to be used after making just two appearances, Deepak Hooda’s streak of starting all three games came to an end. The first game ended with a total of 27 runs being scored off of 32 balls, while the second game ended with a total of 33 runs being scored off of 36 balls. He was one of many batters batting in the middle of the order who were unable to capitalize on the excellent beginnings made by the starters in the series.

  • Shardul Thakur:

10 runs @ 10, HS: 7*
7 wickets @ 17.85, BBI: 3-54

Thakur was unable to shine with the bat before he was dismissed for three runs in the second one-day international despite India’s precarious predicament. This did not prevent him from disrupting a long-standing friendship within the squad and achieving several wickets that were tied for the most among the team’s players. On the list of achievements was also the scoring of three runs.

  • Axar Patel:

85 runs @ 85, HS: 64*
2 wickets @ 60.50, BBI: 1-38

For his blistering finish in the second one-day international, Axar earns an extra two points A career-best 64 not out from 35 balls came when India were 256-6 in 44.1 overs, needing 312 to win, and he stepped up to help them out. Contrary to this contrast, his bowling performance was not very noteworthy.

  • Avesh Khan:

0 wickets

Avesh made his debut for his country in the second one-day international match when Prasidh Krishna was injured and had to be replaced by Avesh. In the end, he was unable to make an impact since he did not take a wicket and allowed nine runs for every over he bowled.

  • Mohammed Siraj:

4 wickets @ 29.25, BBI: 2-14

Siraj maintained his composure despite being placed under an incredible amount of pressure to save 15 runs during a high-scoring one-day international match. In the third one-day international, after he had already taken two wickets in the opening over of his innings, he performed an excellent job of varying the pace and direction of his deliveries.

  • Yuzvendra Chahal:

7 wickets @ 20.57, BBI: 4-17

Chahal was effective in the one-day international series against the West Indies despite playing with a limp for most of the contest. In the last match of the series, he got four wickets in only four balls. Chahal’s googlies, flighting the ball and getting the ball to spin wildly posed issues for the batters. He is currently widely regarded as India’s best slow-bowler, if not the best in the country as a whole.

  • Prasidh Krishna:

1 wicket @ 92, BBI: 1-30

In the two games that he participated in, Prasidh was pricey and lacked the sting that has positioned him as one of the most promising quicks in the nation.

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