Reasons to Use iTop Data Recovery Software


The data that is on your Laptop or PC storage is essential. Therefore, of course, you don’t want that critical data to be suddenly deleted and can’t be accessed anymore.

However, sometimes necessary data is suddenly deleted without you knowingly. Various reasons can cause essential data on a laptop to be accidentally deleted. For example, because of a virus or malware, damage to the Windows system, or maybe you accidentally deleted the data when reinstalling Windows.

If it has been permanently deleted, then the data or files will no longer be accessible from the Laptop. Unless you need the critical data or files, then you can try to do the data recovery process.

The goal is to restore essential data that has been deleted. However, it should be understood that the data recovery process does not guarantee that your data or files will be returned 100% intact.

To restore lost data, many software can be used in Windows; one of them is theiTop Data Recovery application to recover deleted data.

Why Use iTop Data Recovery Software?

In choosing an application you want to use, it is essential to pay attention to what features the application has; likewise, it’s the same when choosing software to recover data that has been permanently deleted.

There are various excellent features of iTop Data Recovery that you can consider when using this software. Here are some features of the iTop Data Recovery software:

1. Simple and Easy to Use

The first thing that will be seen when using an application is how it looks. The iTop Data Recovery application has a simple interface.

The simple UI makes it very easy to use, even for beginners. In addition, you can very easily access all the features contained in the application.

2. Data Recovery Rate 95%

It is undeniable that the process of recovering data that has been permanently deleted cannot always restore 100% intact data. Of the many data you recover, some are corrupt and can no longer be opened, especially if the data has been deleted long ago and is often overwritten with new data.

However, this iTop Data Recovery application claims to be able to restore data that has been permanently deleted with a 95% success rate. So, if you use this application when recovering data, the chances of the data being recovered intact can be more significant.

3. Very Fast Data Scan and Recovery Process

If you need to recover deleted files Windows 10 quickly, then please try using iTop Data Recovery software. This software can scan and recover data very quickly.

You can scan the deleted data and perform the recovery process in just a few minutes. So, no need to wait for hours, let alone all day, to recover your data.

4. Users Can Preview and Select the Files You Want To Recover

Of course, not all files that have been deleted want to be recovered or restored. Generally, only files that are needed will be recovered.

Therefore, this best data recovery software allows you to see a list of files that can be recovered after the scan. Then, you can choose which files you want to restore.


iTop Data Recovery can be your best solution as a tool to recover your broken or lost data. With its benefits, users may have an easy way to get their data back, with a high possibility of success. So, if you are ever in need of a recovery tool, iTop Data Recovery is the answer.