HR Technology Hacks Make Companies Run Better and More Profitably


There’s nothing like an efficiently run business to make processes smooth and more cost-effective. When employees are happy and motivated, they create more profitable companies, and everybody wins.

Now, businesses can get a much-needed HR boost from job description software that helps before a job candidate is hired to long after they retire. Please read on to learn more about how it works.

Better Job Descriptions Sooner

Imagine trying to write a job description for a vacant post. It may seem simple at first, but what are the qualities, skills, behaviours, and experiences that really get at the heart of the position? If you could manage to do this once for a position you understand, what about a more niche job or something in a remote division that operates distantly from HR?

The best job description software platform can eliminate these concerns by putting competency-based job descriptions at your HR’s fingertips. Accessing years of HR wisdom in a database of over 1,500 high-quality, competency-based job descriptions frees up your HR to work on other core processes.

Because they’re free to use the job descriptions as they arrive out of the box or customize them as needed, they’ll save time on the hiring process and get better results.

Vastly Improved Interviews

The competencies at the core of the job descriptions play an important role during the interview. Managers, HR pros, and executives get vital competency-based interview questions, ensuring there’s consistency throughout the hiring process.

Picking out the candidates who seem the best from the resume pile is one thing. Probing deeply along the same lines when you’re face to face is another.

Retainment and Succession Planning

Job description software plays a crucial role even after the interview wraps up! The competencies at the core of the job descriptions and interview questions remain the basis of ongoing evaluations, creating a transparent and consistent basis for assessing employee performance.

It only makes sense to evaluate employees by the qualities for which they were hired, right? Each worker will love having concrete targets to achieve their next promotion and specific instructions to succeed in their job.

Wishy-washy promises that defy easy quantification can be misleading and cause resentment and poor performance. Everyone benefits when people have clear instructions — the increased control over their finances and career makes employees feel increased loyalty to the company, while the company can track the progress of every worker and make sounder plans for the short- and long-term. Whether it’s the next marketing campaign or the succession plans for the company’s future, every decision will be made from a place of knowledge when it’s fuelled by job description software.

Companies that assemble the right teams from the start get better results sooner. Plus, the company doesn’t squander time, energy, and money on the wrong hires. Don’t leave hiring up to chance or obsolete, pre-digital processes. Use job description software as a hack to help your company run better and more profitably.