How Vingo App Turns the Tide with Technology

Have you got into the world of Vingo yet? It is a Virtual world where you can exercise in a fun way, by taking the outdoors indoors. This amazing indoor exercise is a one-fit solution for all your indoor exercise needs. In fact, you get motivated by the app and you won’t be lazy again.

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Exercising Can Become Interesting

With the app in your phone, you can transform your running or cycling time into an online adventure. All you need to do is install the app on your smart device, be it your tablet or your iPhone. The app is available across all app stores and you can download it for free.

Once you install the app, you can then connect your phone with your exercise equipment. You can connect it with your treadmill, or your indoor bike. The app works with any latest version of the equipment. Even if you have an older version of a treadmill or a bike, you can manually enter the parameters such as, speed, on the app.

Usage of Virtual Reality

The app is meant to create a virtual world in front of you, while you run/bike. This way you can stimulate your brain by thinking you are in the outdoors, with the fresh breeze in your face. Even more, you can even select your favourite locations in the Vingo app and run into them.

Your experience will be better with a Virtual Reality headset or you could do with a large screen fitted before your treadmill.

Connect with New ANT+ Sensors

The app is enabled with some of the latest tech in the VR business. One such thing is the ANT+ sensor. It is a low power sensor that works continuously without drawing a lot of power. This allows for the app to seamlessly connect your movements with the sceneries before you. This way, you can see your avatar imitate you on the screen.

Your avatar on the other hand, can be created with your selfie. You can set your avatar to match your looks, your regular outfits or even your favourite colours on your equipment.

Besides these, the ANT+ sensors also allow for multiple devices to be connected together at once. So, you can connect your phone, EarPods and your equipment all together via the app.

Use Social Media to Connect with People

Another interesting feature about the app is the voice chat feature. You can talk to the other users through the voice chat option. If you are an introvert though, you can hit the mute anytime you want. Most users invite their friends and family into the app to have a fun time together. Some others join the communities within this virtual cycling app. Either way, the app is getting useful for a lot of people across the world.

Go ahead and install it. When you find it fascinating, don’t forget to share it with your friend via social media.