Worst Online Slot Machines Tactics and Myths


Do you still remember the first time someone gave you a piece of advice about how to improve your online slot machine skills?Obviously, not all tactics we know work; we listed the worst tactics you probably heard before that are not that effective.

However, this article may help you understand what to avoid and what to do while playing slot machines online; it may also help you improve your skills and make much more money than you used to. So, keep reading. But first click here to find the best mobile casino sites.

Playing at certain times pays less

One of the most popular tactics people believe in is that playing at busy hours will minimize the amount the game will payout. The number of people who think this tactic is correct is increasing because new features are developed every day by creators; these features allow you to know how many players are online at the moment.

But after all, it is a myth; we can’t even say that it is a tactic you can count on because such websites can’t reprogram their payout percentage more often; it takes a lot of time and work.

Betting more means more Jackpots

Here is another wrong and famous tactic: many players think that increasing their bets will raise their jackpot number. There are a lot of playing tactics that may increase your chances, but this one definitely won’t; it does not matter if you bet a dollar or a thousand; you won’t get more jackpots, so do not bet blindly and waste your money on some wrong beliefs.

Hacking slot machines

Some players think that hacking the slot machine will help them win; it is not true. Cheating or hacking the slot machine you are using would not increase your winning chances, but it may increase your chances of going to jail.

In addition, some surveys showed that many people who tried to hack slot machines’ games got caught and faced bad consequences. Do not try to fool the website’s algorithm; it will cost you more time and money without getting anything out of it.

Players will tell you the keys to winning

Most players know this very popular myth, but some believe that buying the game’s secrets is a good strategy to win more; it is definitely not. You may find many people online trying to sell you the “efficient ways to win more spins” for a small amount of money, but why would anybody do that when they could use the secrets and win much more money themselves! Think about it this way. Do not be easy to deceive, and watch out for falling into this trap because many people did.

These types of online games are rigged

This is the most accessible myth to debunk because just by looking at the successful history of online slot machines, you will understand that it’s impossible that they are rigged. Some hackers may use these online platforms for hunting players, but online slot machines are generally not rigged. Therefore, they do not hack your phone; they are safe. Just relax and have fun.

Pushing the button at the very right time will increase your chances

Another famous myth, some players think that if they press the spin button just at the right time, they will win, and this myth is completely wrong. You would not increase your winning chances by just choosing the right time to press; play it smart.

It is all about luck

It is true but not entirely. Yes, a huge percentage of the winning rounds depends on luck, but you can improve your chances of winning if you work on your existing skills. Some studies showed that some slot machine players play without knowing what they’re doing (without an obvious method of playing). The good news is they still win; other studies showed that a huge part of players – those who win more- play with certain tactics and strategies.So, it is both luck and experience.


After reading the article above, we think you’d be able to form an idea of what you should avoid. Don’t play with strategies based on luck and don’t believe everything you see or read; remember, whatever tactic you use, you can only increase your chances. And don’t forget, after all, slot machines, games, and gambling machines, in general, were created so you can have fun, so whether you are playing online or offline, it is always okay to lose, but not so much.