What are the Best FPS Games of 2022?


First-person shooter games are some of the most popular games in the eSports world. Counter-Strike has been in the spotlight for the past 15 years and nowadays CS:GO is considered the biggest FPS eSports community in the world. There are also many other great games with millions of players and with the new games coming out, some things will definitely change.

Titles like Call of Duty, Fortnite, and Apex Legends, all deserve a spot in the top 10 list but it’s hard to determine which are the best. It’s like playing an online casino where you have knowledge about the game but you never know what the outcome will be. Some games get millions of players in a month and lose everything the next.

Apex Legends

One of the reasons why Apex is on top of the list is that they know have a mobile version of the game. The mobile game industry has become bigger than PC gaming and they are making billions of dollars more. But, even if their goal is to make a profit, they did an amazing job with the game.

It’s a hero-based, fast-paced game where 100 players fight against each other for the victory royale. Each hero has its own advantages so you can combine them when playing with a team. It’s very different from COD or CS:GO because there are additional things you need to know except shooting.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

If you are really good at FPS games and you want to become a professional player, you should definitely try CS:GO. Not only because it’s a great game but also because it’s the most paid FPS game. The majors that are played on every continent are some of the most-watched leagues in the world.

Even without reaching the global championship, the Katowice Tour has a prize pool of $1.5 million. The numbers you can make outside of the competitions are also great because there are many business opportunities. Selling skins, coaching, help pro players train, are some of the things you can do.

Call of Duty: Vanguard

Call of Duty had a great start more than 10 years ago but after a few expansions, it seems like the player base dropped a lot. With the latest expansion, everyone became interested in the story because they thought that World War II would be based in Europe, instead, they focus on the Pacific and Africa.

Besides a great story and fun gameplay, the eSports of COD is very popular on consoles. There are some amazing PS players and there are a lot of pro teams. Some of the in-game scenes are very scary which is something new to FPS games that are so popular.


Before the release of the game, they decided to give a bunch of keys to random people through streamers so they can enjoy the game. This was probably the best marketing for Twitch because there were a couple of million viewers at any point in time.

After the release, the number of players dropped a lot which was expected because the hype around the game was huge. Everyone wanted to try it out but it didn’t die out like so many games do. The competitive play is great with a lot of clubs creating VALORANT teams. A big part of it is the CS:GO players that decided to make the switch.


When it comes to popularity, PUBG can be compared to Fornite but they still have a bigger player count. Fornite does a great job in making new content and staying relevant and PUBG is trying to do the same thing. They have a large mobile game community which brings in a lot of money.

A great thing about the game is that they have huge prize pools for their mobile game teaching $2 million in 2022. It’s played in a similar manner to Apex Legends, but the map is far more realistic and there aren’t any champions.