How to Make Money From Playing Games


There are many ways you can make money from gaming, but none of them is easy to accomplish. Becoming a pro player is definitely the most challenging thing because the competition is enormous and many gamers share that dream. But, being in the industry can also be a lot of fun, especially if you can earn a living out of it.

You could get a job in a company that works on games, but that’s much different than playing it. If you like to check the MLB picks today and make a few bets, you could also do it for gaming which has become very popular in the past couple of years. But, there are a few more options that are much better for a legitimate career.

Become a YouTuber

YouTube has become a legitimate career path for many people around the world, and the money you can make will always depend on how hard you work. Pay-per-view for gaming is in the top 5 niches but only if you target the audience from countries that have a high pay-per-view rate. This includes the US, some EU countries, China, and a few more.

Starting a channel without any followers on other platforms will be even harder, but you should rely on marketing which you can do on your own. For example, join every community that you can find for the game you want and send them your videos.

Make sure the videos you make use of them or are interesting to watch. Check with your gamer friends if they would watch it so you can see what the reactions would be like. If you don’t have a budget for starting a business, you can get the equipment on Aliexpress and learn about video editing on YouTube.

Start Boosting and Coaching Website

Boosting isn’t allowed in almost every game that you can imagine, but coaching is. There’s nothing that gaming companies can do about it because these websites are very private when it comes to their clients, and when certain accounts get banned, they will just get a new one. But, you should focus more on coaching because a lot of people are trying to become better.

Coaches can earn from $10 up to $100 per session, which lasts an hour. The amount you can earn depends on how popular you are and your references. Starting your own website is even a better move, but you will need a budget for it and a reputation in the community. You will need to know people that are good in the game so you can hire them to coach others.

Become a Tester

Every big company is now looking for Quality Assurance or QA testers for their games and programs. The job is well-paid, and you can easily find a job even as an intern because there aren’t enough people that are doing QA.

The average pay for this job is around $50 000, but it can even be higher if you have the right skill and experience. You will have the privilege to check the game before others and play it, which is a great thing for many players.

Become a Streamer

This way of making money from gaming is the same as YouTube. You will need to build your follower base and create content for them to watch. The only difference is that you will have to interact with people live, which is a problem for many gamers. You will need to have a particular set of skills, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it.

There are plenty of streamers that claim they were introverts and still started streaming without any problems. The first few times it has to seem a bit odd, but that’s the same for any job you start the first time. Always let people know what you are doing when you need to build your audience because there are your friends or people from the game that can help you out.