Best Ways To Get Into Gaming Industry

Being in the gaming industry is a dream come true for many people because it has become similar to sports. There are idols in gaming like in soccer but the majority won’t succeed in becoming professional gamers so they need to look for other opportunities.

Everything depends on your interests and knowledge but in the worst-case scenario, you will just need to get educated or learn the necessary skills. If you have the knowledge of NFL picks, it’s very similar to gaming picks so you can become a part of the gaming betting industry. There are numerous opportunities but choose wisely because some paths are much harder than others.

Some Games Are Not For Everyone

Even if you like playing games, there are probably a lot of them that you wouldn’t enjoy as much. This is why choosing a career in the gaming industry is very risky and you might end up working on something you don’t like as much. You can apply for only the things you love but there’s a particular set of skills you need to have.

Large companies like Riot or Blizzard only hire people with experience and knowledge for their open spots. So, there’s a big chance you will need to work on other small projects until you build your portfolio. This is why you should try working even on games that you wouldn’t play.

Visit Gaming Conventions

Gaming conventions are a great way to meet people in the industry and gamers like yourself. Besides having tournaments and meetups for the conventions, there are some companies that will look for people to hire. They will usually have booths where you can fill out some basic information about yourself.

Work on your interview skills so you can give a great first impression. This is a much better opportunity than applying on their website because they can meet you in person right away. If you haven’t been to any conventions before, they will usually include game updates, new releases, and other events.

Most Paid Jobs

Start by researching the most paid jobs because they are usually the most wanted. For example, a gaming programmer can earn up to $200k annually. The numbers are close for designers especially if you are focused only on one part of the game design.

There are job opportunities like designing only the water in-game but you really need to be good at it. Specializing in a certain thing will definitely get you a job so check where you can learn about it and how to land the first gig.

Most of these jobs will require some kind of degree if you don’t have experience in the field. So, either start with any company that gives you an opportunity or get some kind of certification or degree in game design.

Create a Community

If you want to go through an easy route, you can start a community for any game you like or multiple games if it makes sense. The community can be about anything where people will interact. For example, you can open a discord group for a new game that is going to be released and that will have a large player base.

Starting early on gives you an advantage over other people that have the same idea. It’s much harder to start a community for games that are already here for a decade. They are overcrowded and it’s hard to stand out from the competition.

Start a Stream

Building a community and starting a streaming career can be hard if you go into it without any planning. It’s not something where you need to get lucky, instead, you will need to have a marketing strategy and a certain follower base that you can bring to the stream.

If you are already a gamer that has a lot of friends playing, it’s a big advantage because you can let them know what you will do. If you succeed in streaming, there is a big chance that you will have direct contact with the developers and you can collaborate with them when it comes to future updates or even expansions of a game.