How Artificial Intelligence Can Improve the Software Development Process

For several decades, programmers have tried to use artificial intelligence techniques and algorithms to equip computers with human-like knowledge and behavior. Albeit more sophisticated than traditional programming, the techniques have focused primarily on manually growing and improving the system’s knowledge base, which has always been limited. Limited domain knowledge has proven to be a poor substitute for human expertise; i.e., AI systems are only good as their programming (performed by software developers)

The modern approach is to create systems that learn from themselves, becoming experts who model and abstract rules from the data fed to them. These systems can effortlessly improve their accuracy, adapt to the unknown and expand their capabilities beyond the original programming.

The artificial intelligence wave is soon going to impact the work of software developers, so it’s essential to be prepared. This development includes automatic code generation, error detection, the ability to predict estimates of software delivery times, and security testing, among others.

Artificial intelligence represents an advantage in software development, as it helps reduce costs, enhance security, and ensure better quality in the software development life cycle.

Before delving into the benefits of AI for the software development process, it is worth considering some of the most recent cases of integrating AI into the software development cycle.

Google Bugspot tool w3C: Because of the sheer volume of code changes that can accumulate over time and the increase in the size of codebases and developer teams, tracking bugs is becoming an increasingly complicated task. The Google error prediction tool applies machine learning algorithms and deep statistical analysis to detect errors and dodgy lines of code. This tool allows developers to use a variety of effective metrics to find failures, including dependencies, lines of code, etc.

Stack Overflow AutoComplete – The autocomplete feature of the popular StackOverflow has become one of the best exponents of how to add AI capabilities to a software development tool. The Stack Exchange tool offers options to autocomplete fully functional lines of code based on existing code data and developer intent.

Here are some ways AI can help web application development service providers by automating various cognitive and physical tasks.

Greater Precision in Estimates

One of the key obstacles that are even faced by the best app development companies when it comes to software development is the accuracy of estimates. Various sectors require software development with variables related to functionality, estimated deadlines for functionality, employee profiles with their skill history, etc. Improving the degree of precision for each of these profiles is a challenging task that is constantly fought and can be solved with the help of modern Artificial Intelligence.

Agile Project Management

Document management is one of the most tedious and time-consuming tasks. Artificial Intelligence can help simplify this task by using algorithms and machine learning technologies responsible for searching for relevant information related to technical designs and historical tests. This allows multiple departments to work hand-in-hand, reduce costs, and improve the speed and volume of an organization’s agile teams.

Improvement in Decision Making

Decision-making plays a significant role in bringing new products or features to the market. Fulfilling customer demands is a challenging task, even more so in a field such as complex software development. A poorly made decision can significantly affect technical debt, security debt, and reengineering costs. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, web application development service providers can effortlessly speed up decision-making and make the right decision, considering the history of projects and product versions in terms of functionality and design.

AI-based Programming Assistants

Nowadays, intelligent programming assistants are becoming more and more popular among software developers. For example, Kite for Python developers can provide assistance and tips to help with documentation analysis or debugging exercises. This tool offers ongoing help for programmers, including relevant code examples and document recommendations. Such tools can quickly help reduce unnecessary workload for programmers, allowing them to focus more on essentials, such as creating a better user experience.

Bug Debugging

Debugging is one of the most critical processes in software development that has been turned upside down by artificial intelligence. As the amount of data to be tested increases exponentially, so do the chances of human error going undetected. AI-based debugging tools can play a significant role in this area, which helps fix codebases without human intervention.

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, Artificial Intelligence can also be applied in different phases of software development.

Requirements capture: It is the initial phase with the high intervention of the development teams, which can be improved using tools such as Google ML kit or Infosys Nia that help improve data management and automate complicated processes.

Software design: The correct software design is necessary to develop a solution that the client accepts. AI offers the ease of combining various designs for the view layer of the software and satisfies the client’s needs in an accelerated way.

Coding: Coding can be a challenging task that Artificial Intelligence can help simplify, as it can help develop codes faster and detect errors. Programs like Google bug spot tool w3C use machine learning algorithms to help detect bugs and unreliable code lines.

Testing: The testing phase is critical, as it helps ensure the quality of the product. Various tools like Appvance and io use AI to generate test cases.

Wrapping Up

Web application development service providers need to develop capabilities in artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence will not replace the work of software programmers but will enrich it. The software development landscape is rapidly transforming. To stay ahead of the competition, businesses need to be aware of modern technology and adopt it as soon as possible.