The Benefits of the Office 365 Calendar Tool in E-Commerce

Business operations use detailed technological solutions to succeed. E-commerce is used even more in the form of web platforms, apps, and plug-ins. As we know, e-commerce is a business that is purely done online through a web shop. Instead of using individual websites, most online businesses prefer to establish a multi-vendor e-commerce platform to get a ready marketplace.

But the platforms offer more than just a marketplace. The ASP.NET platform and other e-commerce platforms that use Microsoft architecture offer integration with Office 365 tools such as the calendar, which we will discuss today.

The Office 365 calendar tool is a powerful planning, scheduling, and booking tool for teams to plan, organize, and execute various tasks. Many ASP.NET e-commerce platforms offer the tool as integration for SharePoint users, but a business can subscribe directly from Office 365. Both help teams achieve their planning and scheduling goals. So, what are the benefits of using the Office 365 calendar tool? Here we go.

Combine Multiple Calendars

With the office 365 calendar tool, the teams can combine different calendars from different sources such as Outlook, SharePoint, and exchange online calendars, and overlay them on one single calendar.

According to experts, there is no limit on the number of calendars you can overlay, including meetings and events, and even notify the teams about any changes you have made. The good thing is that connected teams will see these activities in one place as well.

Customize Your Calendars

Another benefit of the Office 365 calendar tool is helping users color code scheduled events and meetings for easy visual representation. But this is just one customization on the calendar, you can do a lot more from naming the calendar to editing them with a lot of information.

With an option to customize the calendar, it is possible to maintain strong brand recognition, whether among your teams or outside SharePoint users.

Keep Teams More Organized

The Office 365 calendar tool is purely a planning tool that helps keep teams organized. When events and tasks are booked and assembled in one calendar, it is easy for each team to see events that need their action to plan for them. It could be ordered delivery, complaint responses, payment follow-ups, or any other. Regardless, nothing will be left unattended.

Therefore, this is a tool you should not miss out on, especially if the calendars in your business are from different sources.

Improved Customer Experience

We can discuss the benefits of e-commerce tools over and over. The Office 365 calendar tool has many benefits for the company, particularly helping the teams to plan and schedule events. The main purpose of doing this is to keep the buyers happy. Therefore, the Office 365 calendar goes a long way in enhancing the experience of customers when buying products online. For instance, their orders will be processed and delivered on time because the calendar makes it possible.


An online business that is looking for a reliable calendar tool should consider this. It is effective in planning and combining all other calendars into one place. Although it is a paid tool, it is worth every coin.