Which Phone is Right for Your Lifestyle?


If you have ever been on the market for a new cell phone, then you know exactly what it feels like to be overwhelmed by a plethora of options. It can seem like there is a never-ending amount of cell phone brands, and models to choose from. What’s more, is that cell phones tend to create committed acolytes of their customers, so trying to find balanced, non-biased reviews can even seem impossible find.

While it’s true that cell phones are one of the most popular pieces of personal tech on the market, finding a cell phone that works for you isn’t impossible. While it may seem overwhelming and even daunting, finding out which phone is right for your lifestyle might be easier than you think.

Here is everything you need to know about how to find the perfect phone that is right for your lifestyle needs.

The Frist Big Question: Apple or Andriod?

By this point, most consumers have experienced one or both of the two main options when it comes to cell phones. However, even if you have used both, deciding which one is right for you is still not as easy as just going off of their aesthetic. Both Andriod and Apple phones have massive differences that mostly derive from their operating systems (OS).

What is Andriod?

Android, developed by Google, is an operating system with a lot of variability and dynamic qualities. It puts the power of customization squarely in the hands of both cell phone manufacturers, and the customer. When it comes to the Andriod OS, there are literally hundreds of phone manufacturers that use it but place their own spin, or skin, over this operating system. While there may be hundreds of brands of Androids, there is really only a small handful that is considered flagship phones that are in true competition with Apple.

What is Apple?

Apple on the other hand is the largest cell phone manufacturer on the planet and their cell phones run on their signature iOS. iOS simply stands for iPhone Operating System and is the same system that can be found on all of their iPhones and models. Now, there are older models of iPhones that may still be operational, but don’t have the internal specs to run the newest version of iOS; however, the continuity between generations of iOS has always been obvious.

One of the things that Apple does really well, is that they keep things simple. Allowing a small amount of customization, but less than that of Andriod, Apple runs on dependability. People who love Apple love the simplistic, stripped-down approach to functional quality that is dependable, fast, and satisfying.

What OS is Best For You?

When it comes to picking an OS that best works for you, one of the most defining questions you have to answer is which one you connect with. Some people who prefer Androids control and customization can’t stand how limited they feel using an iOS device. At the same time, with Apple having the number one best-selling phone on the market, it’s easy to see that this more simple iOS design is considered to be more empowering than limiting.

The Ecosystem Matters

While personal preference does make a big impact on which system you go with, the other advantage that iOS has is that’s an integral part of the Apple ecosystem. This, more than almost any other feature that Apple products have, is one of the defining selling points for customers.

The Apple ecosystem connects other Apple device users natively through iMessage and Facetime which gives their customer base some exclusivity. Another great feature of the Apple ecosystem is that you can access and connect to all of your devices seamlessly. Say you are writing a note on your iPhone, but then switch over to your Mackbook, your note will seamlessly transfer with you.

iPhones Are Great For Community

This kind of connection is great for a community that has iPhones as it’s easier to stay in touch, and you can use all of the exclusive Apple features together. This can be a powerful tool for families and friends alike, and with the native ‘share location’ features, you can always make sure someone knows where you are at.


While Apple may not have the variety of phones that Andriod does, the many generations and models of the iPhone have something for everyone. If you don’t want a huge piece of glass and metal in your pocket or purse, then the iPhone SE is a great fit. Small, with the fingerprint scanner and a powerful chip to run faster than the speed of light, it’s the perfect ‘small’ iPhone.

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