Signs of Top Nonprofit Membership Management Software

Any organization that works hard to engage with people and convert them into members needs good membership management software. But what exactly is membership management software, and what does it do?

In a nutshell, membership management software is a one-stop suite that easily and efficiently manages your company’s membership. Different types of membership programs offer different features, but at its core, every membership management program allows you to track and organize membership data.

For nonprofits, good membership management software goes further by allowing organizations to create a benefits-focused tiered system that’s designed to enhance the influx of donations and develop community support.

Here are some signs of the best membership management software for nonprofit organizations:

  • It automatically sends members helpful reminders about renewal dates.
  • Uses algorithms to analyze historical data and accurately predict future donations.
  • Tracks supporters.
  • Sends emails tailormade to match email recipients.
  • It makes it easy for employees and members to access relevant membership information.
  • Boosts value for members and supports member communities.

When looking for membership management software, you may feel overwhelmed because there are certainly many options. The biggest mistake you can make is downloading software that appears complex because you may not need access to all the features. It’s best to choose a system with an easy and intuitive user interface (UI) that’s also customizable. It should have the following features for you to choose from:

#1 Webforms

You’ve done all the hard work. Your marketing effort is convincing people to sign up for memberships. But what’s the point if the membership web form is challenging to use? In an age where most Internet users leave a web page that takes longer than 3 seconds to load, you need membership management software with fast, easy-to-use membership webforms to avoid undoing your hard work. Members should be able to quickly and confidently use web forms embedded on your website and in sync with your CRM.

#2 Categorization

Your membership management software should allow you to categorize its structure to connect with an extensive range of potential members. For example, you should be able to set rates, benefits, and membership types to suit different types of people.

#3 Renewal Automation

People are busy nowadays and can forget to renew their membership. That’s why your membership management software should have an auto-renewal option to allow members to renew their membership automatically. Of course, this feature should be opt-in only.

Please also check your membership management software for the auto-renewal fees. Some brands of software charge a processing fee that’s too high for nonprofits.

#4 Personalized Emails

Many membership management tools offer options like mass email campaigns, reminders, and invites. But only the best ones allow you to customize emails, target specific groups, send thank you notes, and track the success of your email marketing campaign.

#5 Event Management

Yes, some of the best membership management tools also have event management features to help you track attendance for events, offer event registration, and raise funds for important causes. When you have membership management software that also carries event management tools, you can enhance your productivity and save time transferring data between platforms.

These are just some features you should look for in your membership management software—other features include tracking, reporting, profiling, and remote online access.

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