How To Make Guests Feel Welcomed In Your Hotel

Probably the best and simplest strategy to give the ideal greeting to your guests is a warm smile, attend to the visitor straight away, and in case you’re occupied with something else, acknowledge their presence and return to what you’re doing until you can help them. Asking and expecting questions that they might have will help with making a visitor feel good and satisfied that they’ve settled on the best decision while choosing where to stay.

In this article we will talk about a few most effective ways of welcoming visitors to your hotel:

Dress Nice

Since All first impressions are so significant, it’s essential to ensure that your staff is dressed to impress. One method for doing this is by giving uniforms to the staff so clients can instantly recognize who they need to go to for help. Uniforms additionally give a feeling of professionalism that can’t be depicted when everybody is dressed casually. 

If the brand and style of your property are remarkably casual and a customary uniform doesn’t appear to fit in, make sure the staff has a clear and visible ID or something different that promptly identifies them.

Ask Questions

Questions are an incredible method for interacting with your visitors quickly. People love to discuss themselves so allowing them to do so will help visitors with feeling comfortable immediately. 

Posing questions is a fast method for doing market research and figuring out what your visitors need. Since there’s a lot of paperwork at the arrival of guests, asking questions makes the whole process simple and smooth.

A Smile Goes A Long Way

There’s a saying that goes” when I smile, the world smiles back.” integrate this saying into your greeting. There’s nothing better than being welcomed after a long day out with a comforting smile when you check back in and somebody asks how you’re really doing. A smile is an incredible icebreaker too. 

Show Them The Points Of Interest In Your Hotel

Let visitors feel comfortable when they check-in by telling them about the important places inside the hotel like the pool, cafe, spa, restrooms and any other facility that you offer. This can be easily conveyed without looking like an upsell and yet it’s an incredible approach to tell visitors that you have various facilities accessible. Hotel and spa management software such as Book4time can help you manage all the activities of your hotel.

Volunteer to Help

Offering help to your guests goes a long way even if at times you’ll be declined politely. Check whether they need assistance with their things or even if they want a tour of the hotel. Helping your visitors is an incredible approach beyond anyone’s expectations and has a lasting effect.

Be cheerful regardless of whether you’re occupied somewhere else. The hospitality department is incredibly fast-paced, so it’s not difficult to get overpowered by everything you really want to do. Try not to allow the pressure to get to you, and in particular, don’t let the visitors see your pressure.

If you’re really busy, try to be sincere to the visitors and tell them you’re occupied and that you’ll be with them as soon as you’re free. In this manner, they will feel consoled and wouldn’t fret about the delay.

Let Visitors Feel Special

There are a lot of ways to let your guests feel special. Consult the booking to see whether there’s a special event or a birthday they are celebrating. If this is the case do acknowledge it upon their arrival. This will go a long way for the credibility of your hotel. 

If you want to go one step further, there’s no harm in welcoming them with a flower bouquet or a bottle of wine in their room. 

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