How Can Herbs Save Your Life Book?



Homo sapiens depend on nature. Herbal products have always been the last resort to all problems. Herbs are vital in curing skin diseases, bowel malfunctioning, improving blood circulation, increasing metabolism, and boosting immunity. The covid pandemic has made us aware of the importance of the consumption of vitamin c. Vitamin C, prescribed by experts, is not the chemically manufactured one. Instead, doctors suggested intaking herbs like tulsi, turmeric, and ginger to boost immunity.

Home remedies cure common symptoms of cough and cold. Of all the essential herbs available, Indian traditional treatments use turmeric, ginger, ashwagandha, fenugreek, amla, cardamom, neem, etc. However, they are incomplete without using the most common ingredients like tulsi, ginger, turmeric, neem. Growing awareness in herbal medicine also provides quite ample space for use. Even though the world is moving at a first pace with advanced scientific technologies, the importance of naturally derived medication is still a wonder. Studies conclude that almost 81 percent of the rural population is solely dependent on herbs as medication. As per data collected, 56 percent of the urban population chooses Ayurveda over allopathy.

The primary reason responsible is the presence of vital anti-bacterial enzymes that effectively combat bodily disorders. A few essential herbs consumed in almost every household include turmeric, ginger, and tulsi. Tulsi acts as an immunity booster, reduces stress, improves heart health, and is an excellent ingredient to keep diabetes in check. Turmeric has bioactive compounds and is anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory by nature. Ginger treats motion sickness, helps in obesity, and slows down osteoarthritic decay. CBD gummies  calms down anxiety disorders, stress, hypertension, and nervous breakdown.

The Problems One Face In Life

21-st century life is characterized by lifestyle disorders, eating junk, lethargy, and an inclination to luxury and comfort. As a result, people like my snobbish instincts. Exercise is more of a fashion than a compulsion for the healthy functioning of a body. Material gains more or less drive life. Job stress, financial uncertainty, anxiety, lack of companionship, workload have reduced man to mere machines. People are neglecting their physical and psychological health. But they often forget that sheer negligence causes generalized anxiety disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorders,neuro-psychotic diseases, stress, obesity, and cardiovascular disease. Cancer and diabetes are common causes of concern in alternative houses. Researchers conclude even though medication can temporarily control diseases. They might have adverse side effects on multiple organs. People thus should adapt to the usage of organic herbs to get rid of such side effects on the body. People have turned insomniacs and are sleep-deprived which hampers their professional performance. Social-media addiction happens to be a significant factor in disrupting the natural sleep cycle.

Clinical Benefits Of Ginger

Belonging to the Zingiberaceae family, ginger treats cough and cold, nausea, motion sickness, and obesity. But people are not aware of its other miraculous benefits. Ginger has gingerol, which is anti-inflammatory and a rich source of antioxidants. It relieves an individual from oxidative stress. It is excellent in treating arthritis chronic indigestion lowers cholesterol and blood sugar levels. It also serves as an analgesic in calming down menstrual pain. In addition, experts claim that gingerol destroys cancerous cells. Finally, consumption of ginger, either in powder or juice format, improves metabolism.

Clinical Benefits Of Turmeric

Curcumin present in turmeric is an essential source of antioxidants. Curcumin boosts neurotrophic factors, which are responsible for the functioning of neurons. It reduces the risk of cardiac arrest. Studies claim that curcumin blocks the growth of cancer cells. A group of USA-based scientists indicates that turmeric has a significant role in controlling the spread of Alzheimer’s disease. A pervasive problem among youths nowadays is the problem of dealing with depression. Surprisingly, turmeric increases dopamine levels, calming down personal anxiety and relieving stress. Turmeric also performs a vital role in treating liver diseases. In an experiment, 15 people drank turmeric tea regularly for 30 days, and they provided 15 people with chemical drugs. Results are shocking that doctors advised people to consume turmeric daily have shown considerable improvement in overall metabolism. In contrast, people said medication has only recovered from the targeted treatment.

CBD – What Is It?

CBD or cannabidiol is hemp juice extracted from cannabis that plays an active role in treating insomnia, stress, anxiety, neurological diseases, osteoarthritis, inflammation. The increasing popularity of CBD as an analgesic is justified as researchers have found evidence in favor that it reduces joint pain, muscle cramps, and body aches. People say that CBD is intoxicating by nature, but recent studies have discarded such arguments. CBD oil performs the task of soothing anxiety and blood pressure through organic CBD drops. CBD promotes the formation of hormones like anandamide, dopamine, adenosine, and melatonin. By the proliferation of T-cells, it increases immunity. CBD consumption triggers protein synthesis.

Moreover, it maintains cortisol levels and thereby a good sleep cycle. CBD coordinates with endocannabinoids and produces loads of antioxidants. Cannabis extracts treat epilepsy convulsions and sudden panic attacks. The hemp juice is a brilliant option to keep neurological disorders in check.

Clinical Benefits Of Basil

The ongoing pandemic has proven the benefits of basil as a herb. Holy basil is considered a natural immunity booster. It is antipyretic and analgesic by nature. Respiratory disorders remain in check through the consumption of tulsi. Apart from reducing blood pressure, it contains anti-cancer properties. Basil treats gouty arthritis.

A significant usage is a medication for gastrointestinal disorders. Basil is an important herb used as an insect repellent. Studies depict that using basil extracts in a human trial has helped treat oral ulcers. Experts suggest the consumption of basil juice in its pure form on an empty stomach to get rid of antifungal eczemas. An effortless alternative available nowadays is the all-natural packaged tulsi drops. It has now become hassle-free and easy to consume on the go.


To sum it up, there is no better alternative to herbal extracts. Whether for medicinal use or in the case of cosmetological use, Ayurveda ranks first in the order of merit. Improved medical science has failed to suggest measures, herbs have spoken of newer possibilities. Our ancient masters were not wrong in abiding by natural products. The more we advance towards technology, the more we learn about the importance of organic herbs. Organic and scientific do not contradict each other. People should use scientific methods to obtain organic herbs. Everyone should keep in mind that the future is all-natural, and to get closer to nature, people must convince themselves to use these. Herbal medications are not traditional old-school solutions to problems. Instead, they are the best alternative to chemical drugs to promise a healthy balance between scientific hacks and organic herbs. Only by choosing nature will humans succeed in recreating a toxin-free green world.