The Utility Of Mobile App Testing


Quality assurance happens to be a vital aspect of the process of mobile development. A lot of developers skip this step during mobile application development in spite of being aware of its importance. The use of desktop is decreasing and the  number of internet users are on the rise. A lot of users are spending their time on mobile devices. So an app needs to comply with the demands of the users.

Mobile app use requires an excellent user experience. It has no relation to the app you are using an app testing at pCloudy may be a viable option.

The benefits of mobile app testing

There are several benefits of mobile app testing as mentioned below

  • Optimum functioning of the app- a major objective of QA process is to ensure that the solution is performing seamlessly. QA specialists test whether an user can download a program to several devices. For testing an app they would be using a real device and come up with a fully functional product.
  • Indicates user experience- the specialists end up putting themselves in the shoes of the end users and examine the look along with feel of a solution. They test an app to figure out whether it is user friendly or logical. Even it would check the usage of the app is convenient for the users in numerous situations. In this manner they can predict whether a customer will be using an app or go on to uninstall it.
  • Enhances customer loyalty- if you are able to ensure proper usability and optimum functioning of the app, the customer satisfaction will report an increase. In this way analytics will help you reach a greater audience and the industry reputation will be enhanced.
  • Leads to higher revenue- any sort of testing process is likely to demand an initial investment. Though it would assist in keeping away fixing issues and in the later stage rebuilding a product. Not only it goes on to save time and diminishes the total time but the product will reach the market faster. By incorporating the testing mechanisms you are going to obtain positive reviews ahead.
  • During development phase reduces time testing- a manual form of testing requires a significant amount of time along with work force. An analysts is able to accomplish a task within a short span of time. One of the major benefits of automation testing is that it enhances speed along with efficacy.
  • Trims down the app development cost- an automated version of app testing, may reduce the price of an app development project. Though testing is one of the reasons for lower cost saving, but after deployment bugs can be found. If you are launching an app dealing with defective functionalities, it may lead to bad reviews and the impression would fall down in the minds of customers. So it is necessary that you test the app in the initial phase of deployment.

By now it is an obvious fact that testing is  a vital cog in the wheel of a mobile app development. There are various points where it may be necessary to craft a strategy. First and foremost you need to have an idea about the type of devices which your target audience likes to use. Then you have to plan in testing all the apps on the device. Make sure that you choose the device with various operating systems, memory size, connection types and resolution.

Stimulation of cloud testing would help you to get rid of the drawbacks of real devices and simulators. They tend to be cost effective and scalable.