The Ultimate Guide on How to Free Up Space on a Mac


Picture this: you go to download another file for work or save another cute video of your kid when you get that dreaded “no storage left” pop-up.

This frustrating moment has happened to most of us. From your computer running slowly to not being able to save important things, running low on storage can cause major issues.

Do you own a Mac? Would you like to learn some essential tips for how to free up space on a Mac? Read on to learn how you can do just that.

Start By Checking The Storage

The first thing you should do is check your Mac storage space.

You will be able to see how much storage you have available and what things are taking up the most storage. Then, depending on how your storage space is being used, you might start tackling the issue in one area or another.

Store Things In The Cloud

Once you know what it is that’s taking up so much space; you might choose to move things to the cloud.

Freeing up space on a Mac is as simple as purchasing some additional iCloud storage space and transferring things there. This is a perfect way to store photos and videos that you don’t need to be stored directly on your computer.

Storing things in the cloud also keeps them safe from being lost if something happens to your computer, so taking this route has multiple benefits.

Delete Unnecessary Items

You might find when going through your computer that you have files you don’t need saved.

One example of this is photos. Have you ever taken a trip and come home with thousands of photos to upload to your computer? Chances are, you don’t need to keep many of them.

If storage is an issue, deleting photos is a fantastic room to make more space and keep things organized.

Remove Apps You Don’t Use

One of the best Macbook tips and trips you can follow is periodically going through your apps and deleting ones you don’t use.

Chances are, you downloaded apps to try out that you never even opened. Or, apps you previously used quite often are no longer needed.

Apps take up a lot of space, so if there are any you have on your Mac that you don’t use on a regular basis, deleting them is a quick way to free up space and help your computer run faster.

Remove Duplicate Files

If you’re running low on Mac disk space, one other possible reason could be having duplicate files saved.

Duplicate files are easy to build up. Saving something multiple times or in varying formats quickly adds up. Try spending some time sorting through your files and deleting any duplicates you no longer need.

This would also be a great time to delete files that might not have duplicates but that you don’t need access to anymore. There are a variety of reasons you might not need files anymore, and storing them when you know this is a waste of space.

Clear Your Browser Cache

An often forgotten way to free up space is clearing your browser cache.

If you use multiple different browsers, clearing the cache on each one is important. While this might not free up a ton of storage space, it’s still worth it to do once in a while.

Sorting Through Your Email

This comes as a surprise to many, but if you let your emails build up, they’re taking up space on your computer.

Some people have thousands of emails stored between their inboxes and junk or trash mail folders. Having a clean inbox not only frees up storage space but also makes it easier to focus and find important emails.

Try keeping up with clearing your emails and seeing if it has a big impact on your available storage.

Empty The Trash Cans

As you’re going through and cleaning up your Mac, you might be putting things in the trash as you go.

Particularly when you delete files, they get moved here just in case you decide you want them again. Once you’re sure you don’t need anything in the trash bins, you can empty the trash.

This removes things completely from your computer so they will no longer be taking up space anywhere.

Again, going through the trash cans (both the main one on your desktop and any apps that have separate trash cans) is an effective way to lower your storage consistently.

Remove Unused Language Files

Using a Macbook provides users with the opportunity to choose a language type and have everything translated to that language. There are hundreds of language options, and most people pick one and stick with it for the life of their Mac.

The other language options are still stored on your computer just in case you ever want to switch to them. They can take up space that is definitely better used for other things, so it’s best to delete them.

How To Free Up Space On A Mac? Follow These Essential Tips

If you were questioning how to free up space on a Mac before reading this article, you now have nine different ways to do so.

You can start by trying one and seeing the difference, but a combination of all of these tips will undoubtedly free up a ton of space on your computer and help it run more smoothly now that it’s not so bogged down.

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