Why Is Agile The Best Methodology For Mobile App Development?


A Statista report has revealed that mobile apps are likely to generate around $189 billion in revenues. Eventually, mobile application development has skyrocketed in recent years.

Businesses are looking for every possible solution to stay ahead of the competition. Consumers should have a lot more flexibility with mobile apps. They can develop new expectations with time.

So, app owners should update apps whenever new modifications are necessary. And it’s impossible to build a mobile app without having to make any further changes. Agile methodology is the solution in mobile application development.

What is Agile methodology in mobile application development?

The first principle of Agile says “Our highest priority is to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software.”

Agile refers to the methodology that divides a complex task into a series of short development cycles or sprints. The development team considers these cycles a task. Based on that, each team gets their experts to complete the project.

But what makes Agile the best methodology? Here is a list of the best possible reasons behind it.

Assurance of best quality

In Agile methodology, each app developer in the team has their own respective work. The developers build the app sprint by sprint. It means, they don’t aim to complete the development in one go. After each sprint, the QA team tests and checks functionality to determine if it’s working properly. Thereby, Agile methodology ensures to maintain the best quality in developing mobile apps.

If any bugs arise, Agile methodology allows you to modify any sprint without affecting the code from prior sprints.

Mitigating risk factors

Will you use an app if it has a lot of bugs? Of course, not! Eventually, the ROI of developing mobile apps will be almost zero.

With Agile methodology, you can release the app step by step. First, you can release the Beta version of the app. Thereby, users will access it and report the bugs, if any.

Based on that, the mobile app developers can work on fixing those bugs. And finally, you can release an easy-to-use app for your customers without any bugs.


The best part of Agile methodology is transparency. The reason is, it promotes regular communication across different teams. And not only teams!

You will also constantly be aware of what’s going on, where your app development is headed, and other relevant information. Because you will be a part of the process right from product conception, planning, evaluation, to testing.

Traditional methods don’t have such transparency. Because the project managers remain the one and only people to take major decisions.


In the traditional method, you will have to plan for the entire development process right from the beginning. And this is quite a hectic task to do. In Agile methodology, you can make a strategy for each cycle individually. If you detect any errors, you can rectify them after each step. Thereby, Agile methodology ensures that you build a high-quality mobile application.

Impeccable project management

As we discussed earlier, Agile methodology allows you to divide a complex task into smaller, manageable tasks (sprints). Thereby, you can easily distribute tasks among different teams, reducing inter-team dependencies.

Also, you can keep track of the actions completed on each sprint. By doing so, you can check if everything is happening according to the plan.

So, the bottom line is Agile methodology helps the team in meeting the deadlines for each module. Thereby, it helps in earlier market reach.

If you are planning to build apps for your business, make sure that the mobile application development company is following Agile methodology. Otherwise, your app development might be at risk.