How To Find The Best Restaurant Kiosk

In today’s restaurant world, you know how tough it can be to get new customers and retain current ones. To do so, customers must experience convenience, fast and accurate service, and the ability to get what they want without delays or problems. One of the best ways to help your customers achieve this is by investing in a restaurant kiosk, which allows for self-ordering and self-service even when your restaurant is extremely busy. If you’re ready to make this investment, here’s what you should consider during your search and before you make your final decision.

Don’t Choose Based Solely on Price

When you are searching for a restaurant kiosk that will meet the needs of your business, don’t make your selection based solely on price. While you will need to see a significant return on your investment, choosing a kiosk that offers fewer features and may be difficult for customers to operate will negatively impact your business. You can try out places like GRUBBRR if you’re not sure where to start.

Increasing Customer Loyalty

For your restaurant to succeed, you need a loyal customer base that can be expanded year after year. When you install a self-ordering kiosk at your restaurant, you can do just that, especially with younger customers. Since today’s younger generation has grown up with smartphones and is used to doing self-ordering in this fashion, installing a high-tech self-serve kiosk will make your restaurant very popular with teens and young adults, along with their parents.

Get a Kiosk that Meets Your Goals

Before you invest in a restaurant kiosk, make sure you know exactly what goals you want to achieve by making the purchase. For example, is your main goal to attract a younger generation of customers, or are you instead more concerned about improving the speed, accuracy, and convenience of ordering? By asking yourself what you expect the kiosk to do for your business, you’ll be able to select one that works best for your restaurant.

Understand the Technology

Before you purchase a self-ordering kiosk for your restaurant, do all you can to understand the technology associated with it. This should include the hardware and software, operating system, its features, and how the kiosk’s technology will integrate with your restaurant’s current technology. Be willing to ask questions, since this will ensure the kiosk you buy will have the flexibility you need for customizing your menu.

Will it Work Better than a Cashier?

Finally, do a cost analysis to make sure a self-service kiosk will actually improve service and increase orders more so than having an in-person cashier interacting with your customers. While much research has shown that self-service kiosks at restaurants do indeed lead to the average order being larger, do your homework. If your restaurant has built its reputation on giving the personal touch, some customers may be hesitant about the new high-tech addition.

By taking these and other factors into consideration, you can choose a kiosk for your restaurant that will be easy for customers to use, merge well with existing technology, and most importantly increase your sales.

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