Salary Negotiation Tips: How to Ask For What You Want With Confidence


So you’re ready to up the ante and make a bit more money at your job. You work long hours, dedicate yourself to the job, and believe you deserve a raise.

And you do! So how can you get the raise? What’s the best way to ask for an increase in salary?

Ready these salary negotiation tips, and you’ll be feeling your best when you walk in for the meeting that will get you a raise!

Know Your Limits

If you are working at a job where you are currently making about $50,000, the increase in your salary realistically should not be $100,000. You have to ask for a raise within reasonable limits.

Let’s say that if you were promoted you would be making $60,000. Asking for a salary increase somewhere in between those numbers would be a much better salary negotiation than asking for too much.

Ask For a Larger Salary at the Right Time

There is a right time for everything. And that includes asking for an increase in salary.

So when is the right time to ask?

It’s best to ask toward the end of the week after your employer has gotten more important tasks out of the way. They are probably more relaxed and willing to listen to your request.

You should be at the company for an appropriate amount of time before asking for a salary increase as well.

If you’re not sure when the right time is, contacting a recruitment agency with consultants is a great way to have professional help.

Practice Communication Skills

Knowing how to ask for what you want with confidence involves a lot of practice!

To negotiate a salary, you need to have various skills. You’ll need to listen to what your employer has to say, but you’ll also need to be able to explain why you believe you need a raise. Be sure to include what your day-to-day on the job looks like, the tasks you take on, and if you are doing more than your job title calls for.

Before going into their office, you should practice this conversation using communication skills with someone you feel comfortable with. Have them give you some pushback and ask questions so that you are prepared to answer.

Ask For Your Employer’s Thoughts

There’s nothing wrong with asking what your employer thinks about an increase in salary for you as an employee. Asking what they think is a reasonable salary can actually benefit you since it could be a larger salary increase than you wanted or expected.

They will also be able to give their thoughts if they are not yet ready to negotiate a new salary. Then you’ll know what they expect for next time!

Use These Salary Negotiation Tips For a Raise

Ready for a raise? Working hard at your job but not feeling as though you are being compensated can be a drag.

Asking for a larger salary can help dull those feelings and keep you happy at your job! If you’re ready, use these salary negotiation tips to start a conversation.

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