Important facts that you need to know about Jose Trinidad Marin


Trino marin is one of the most famous personalities who was born on Feb 15, 1964, in California, United States. He is well-known personality and comes from Christian Family and owns a combined heritage. José trinidad marín is having an ex-wife, before marrying her, Jose Trinidad was an unknown name for the public. His ex-wife, Jenni is a well-known personality for the world because of her acting, songwriting, and singing skills.

It has been known that the couple want to keep their married life private. There is very little information about them on the internet because of this only. For the first time, Jose encounters his ex-wife Jenni in high school when they were teenagers. Before marrying, josé trinidad marín he was the one who worked in a Mexican-American café. His income source was only his professional career. Jose is from Mexico and is having an American-Mexican passport. Trino’s parents raised him in Mexico and then shifted permanent to United States. However, the exact timing of josé trinidad marín the shifting is not yet there.

Trinidad marin Profile Summary

Real Name:  Jose Trinidad Marin (also known as Trino Marin)

Date of Birth: Feb 15, 1964

Birth Place: United States

Nationality: American-Mexican

Marital Status: Divorced

Married to: Jenni Rivera (real name Dolores Saavedra)

Profession: Retired Administrator Manager at American-Mexico restaurant

What is the physical appearance of jose trinidad marin?

Currently, the age of trinidad marin is 57 years old and his height is around 5 feet 10 inches. After he got separated from his ex-wife, Trinidad is there and he has to maintain his physical appearance so very properly. As per the resources, trino marin family weight is around 67 kgs.

What is the relationship status of jose trinidad marin?

According to the interviews, it has been reported that trino marín fell in love with Jenni Rivera when they were around 15 years old. He proposed to Dolores (Jenni) at the age of 20 and married after a few months in 1984.

Jenni got pregnant with their first child when she was 17. At that time, she was in school and gave birth to the first child at that time only. The couple is having three children in total but their marriage end in 1992 because Jose mistreat Jenni, his sister-in-law, and her children. There is no information and pictures about his new wife but yes, it is 100% sure that he start his life again with a new girl.

What about the net worth of trino marin?

According to resources, Jose Marin is having possession of 600000USD to 800000USD. He gets fire from his old management job due to some reasons. There are some rumors that he was the one who wanted to start sexual relationships with his coworkers. However, this was not a rumor only, it was true and Jose assault one of his coworkers.

Hence, this is all about jose marin Trinidad and his family. However, to have more updates you need to comment down below.