The Top Security Systems For Your Business


You might think that it’s enough to just have a firewall, an antivirus program running on each of your employees’ computers, and virus scanners on every computer in the building. But, have you considered the security of your brick-and-mortar location? There are many security options out there at varying prices and use cases. In this blog post, we will compare the best security system options for businesses.

1 Vivint – the best overall

Vivint is the best option for most businesses for a lot of reasons. First, it is the perfect medium between DIY and having professional security solutions. They offer professional installation and will customize your equipment and services to the size and needs of your business.

They also have 24/7 monitoring which means they send their professionals to your home or business within minutes of an alarm being triggered. This is compared to DIY systems that are only active during the time you are at the location, which means that you may not be able to react right away.

The icing on the cake with Vivint, however, is its smart connectivity applications. Everything from light bulbs, to doorbells, to smart locks, is connected so that you can control them remotely through the Vivint app from your mobile device. You will be able to know when a certain door or window was opened and what triggered it which makes their security system one of the most useful on the market.

2 FrontPoint – the best DIY option

FrontPoint’s security packages can be a great option for a business because it is a DIY system. This means that after the initial set-up, you will manage everything yourself so you have maximum control over your security solution without having to pay an expert team.

It is not, however, difficult to set up. Everything is shipped preconfigured, so even if you’ve never worked with technology in your life, you should be able to get the system working in no time.

Moreover, although FrontPoint is considered self-monitored, they also offer 24/7 monitoring like Vivint. However, FrontPoint’s monitoring is accessible through your mobile device only.

3 Abode – the best for work from home employees

Abode, like FrontPoint, is a DIY system. Its affordability, vast array of home automation equipment, and advanced software make it a perfect fit for someone who runs their business from home.

Their first option is the Iota Kit, which is a simple set of security devices and access sensors. It includes a hub, which you can use to control the system from your mobile device and communicate with your home automation equipment (you can also purchase an additional door or window sensor). It is best for small apartments.

Their second option is the Smart Security Kit, which includes everything from the Iota Kit, but is designed for larger spaces like a condo or a home.

4 SimpliSafe – the best budget option

SimpliSafe may not be as flashy or advanced as any of the other security systems on the market, but it gets the job done. It is also very affordable which makes it an attractive choice for someone on a tight budget.

It only offers self-monitoring which means that you will have to call 911 in case of an emergency, but they do not charge any additional fees or contracts. Moreover, SimpliSafe has the fastest response times of any self-monitored system on the market.

Another benefit of a SimpliSafe security system is that it requires no professional installation. Everything you need comes in a box, and all you have to do is mount the sensors. You can even choose from a variety of colors so they blend easily into your existing decor.

As you can see, the best security system will vary depending on where you run your business, how big it is, and what your budget is. These are our picks for business security and with a little research, you can find a system that is perfect for your business.