6 Tips To Be A Creative & Inspired Hairdresser

As an artist, the hairdresser works with colors, textures, shapes and trends. Every day, clients visit their hairdressers, bringing images of their inspiration and asking the hairdresser to bring them to life.

Being a hairdresser is a passionate job where you can achieve excellent results, change facial features, give new life to damaged hair, and restore self-confidence. But in an ear where social media constantly brings in recent trends, it can be challenging to find new inspirations. Aside from the clients from the salon, the hairdresser can work in many creative industries from film, magazines, Tv and shows. For these types of work, hairdressers are going to challenge their skills but can also be asked to enhance characterisation when working with talents. So, where can you source inspiration for creative and salon work?

-Source historical references: 

One of the best ways to create something new is to understand what has been done in the past. When it comes to hair, there indeed has been a lot of different hairstyles made! Nowadays, it has become hard to create something new but giving a new life to past hairstyles is something we have seen a lot lately. Sourcing historical references will also help you if you have to work for historical productions. You can create a book of reference for hairstyles so that you can find inspiration for the following productions quickly. If you are enrolling on a certificate III in hairdressing, you will be required to research historical references. That can be an excellent starting point to create your “inspiration bible.”

-Participate in competitions: 

Australia has a range of competitions for hairdressers. From colouring to cut and avant-garde, Australia has unique talents displaying each year their best creative skills. If you are currently studying for a certificate III in hairdressing, you should follow the next collections from Australian hairdressers. Some competitions allow students to participate! What not pushing your boundaries and putting your name out there?

-Watching movies: 

Why watching movies is so inspiring for hair and makeup looks? Because this is how iconic looks are created! We often refer to a hairstyle by the name of an actor or actress in a particular movie. A lot of work goes behind the creation of a hairstyle for a talent. The hair and makeup participate in the personality of the character.

If you are a makeup artist, many productions require you to design and create the hair as well. Enrolling on a certificate III hairdressing can give you the freedom to develop a whole look, including colour and cut, and increase your chances of employment. 

-Read magazine and watch fashion weeks: 

Fashion week is where the trends are set. When looking at the looks from the podium, they might look extreme, but magazines analyse all the trends that will be seen on the streets. Fashion is different from one country to another, and to maintain inclusivity with all your clients, you should always have a good overview of what is happening in the world.

Why not be your own master?-Be your own source of inspiration: 

Finally, why follow trends? Hairdressing brings art and creativity, and you can definitely bring something new and unseen, but to do this, you must have researched what has already been done.  This why keeping your eyes open, on the street, when watching a movie, looking through your phone is the everyday inspiration that will lead you to be a great artist.

To create, you must have the technique first! This is why following a nationally recognised course is crucial! A certificate III in hairdressing offers you all the knowledge you need to cut, colour and style hair for any circumstances.

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