Top Tips For Team Building Activity

So, if you want to make a great team, don’t just throw something together. If you are new to this type of team building activities Perth, plan ahead and ask for help, and you will be more likely to have great success.

Team building activities help teams learn and develop. It is important to educate teams on team building concepts and assist in work processes throughout all phases of team building. For those leading teams, some tips for organizing team building activity can be helpful in team success.

Determining your purpose

First, determine the purpose of the team building activity to determine if it could be part of a meeting or a separate event. Is there an activity to introduce a topic, discuss an issue, improve relationships, review previous training or teach a new technique? All this can be done in one sitting as long as there is a safe environment and sufficient time. Otherwise plan a special schedule so that other tasks do not interfere with the learning process.

Know the type of activities

Decide how much time to devote to team building and when it is best to do it. If the team building activity Sydney is to be part of a team meeting, plan for the right place on a specific meeting agenda. The beginning of the agenda is a good time for “know you” type activities and recurring issues from icebreakers or a recent training course.

If a non-controversial topic is to be presented during the minutes of a meeting or a new technique is to be taught, it can fit anywhere within the agenda where it needs to be. For example, if a new decision-making process is to be taught, explain it before the team uses it to make a decision. The use of techniques to work immediately makes them more appropriate. New training concepts that should not be used at the meeting should be introduced near the end of the meeting time.

Plan a special training session

If team building time / date should be outside the regular team meeting, plan a special training session or team-building event. Finding a good date and place for this will require additional work by a team member or leader who meets the requirements of the activities to be performed. Decide on activities or rescheduling to meet physical needs before choosing a location.

How big is the group?

The key to determining the right activity is to choose an activity that suits the size of the group. As a rule, the larger the group, the more likely you are to seek professional help to facilitate the event. For a small team of people 25 or older, it’s easy to change culture and lead a fun activity. Simply taking your team as a group for bowling or for a big meal will build team culture and harmony.

Consider the number of participants

When choosing an activity for an event or training, consider any physical limitations of the team members. When planning a multi-exercise team-building event, the activities that each team member may participate in should be considered first in which the member is required to “sit” during practice as this may exclude them.

Consider the age group

In fact, high-energy shared experience team activities can really flatten out a small group. For example, to build a charity bike for 10 people, to make it team-centred, you would need to divide the group into three, four or five person groups. So, if each group makes one bike, the end is climactic because in reality only two or three bikes are made. So, group walks are often really less expensive and give you better results.

However, as the group gets bigger, it is better to get help. It’s very easy to keep 20 or less people active and entertain for a few hours. However, keeping 100 or 1000 people entertained and active is a high level of skill. Also, if you’re doing something for charity as a group, the more people you have, the bigger the donation and the bigger the group will “appear” to see the donation in the donation.

For example, if you’re donating food to a food bank, it’s more exciting to pack a lot of food than two boxes, and hundreds of underprivileged children rush to the banquet hall to get a new bike. Or three more exciting. However, big events like this take a lot of planning, because things don’t always go as planned. A good event planner or team building company can be a good investment.

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