Features of the Best Client Portal Solutions


Client portals are web applications or websites that provide businesses with secure storage to allow sharing of important information and documents with their clients. When choosing your customer portal, it’s critical to consider the features that will best improve your customers’ experience and provide efficient workflows for your team. Beyond providing a user-friendly interface, the best portals enable your team and clients to have good visibility of tickets and ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

Below are some of the features of the best client portal solutions:

They Have Customer Forums

Forums are portal features that enable businesses to establish communities of their users. They allow clients to interact and answer each other’s questions while sharing best practices. Portals save time for both support agents and customers as they get help from community users with experience of similar issues. All forum entries transform into tickets. Consequently, support agents are on top of conversations to offer timely assistance.

The Best Client Portal Solution Have Search Widgets

Placing search widgets on websites enables users to search for the information they need. They can find appropriate suggestion boards, forums, or articles. It helps customers get answers to questions easily and quickly. Clients don’t need to browse through all of the content in the portal, saving effort and time.

While customers type what they are looking for in the search widget, the suggestions of contents available on the inquiry are displayed in real-time. When results are shown, they can select relevant links to read relevant content through the client portal.

They Have One-Click Sign In

The primary reason for a client portal is enhancing customer service, seamless interaction quick access to updated information regarding your business. Therefore, online login options are not enough. It is best to ensure customers can easily log without wasting time.

For instance, new users shouldn’t have to manually fill in their age, birth date, and other details. It needs to be instant and smooth. For example, they probably have social media accounts with providers that allow the customers to log in and register (Google or Facebook, for example). Moreover, they integrate effective management to enable customers to maintain and upload their user accounts.

They Enhance Knowledge Base

Self-service is critical to the current generation in the digital era as they have higher expectations of brands when searching for information and solutions. Thus, you need to provide excellent services with limited human interaction. You can give explicit instructions on the portal, detailed modern FAQs, and easy-to-handle manuals. As content is the first step to the buying process, providing a searchable knowledge base is critical. This should consist of blogs, news, FAQs, and other content types.

An Excellent Client Portal Has Communication Tools

Email chains are the least efficient communication with customers on tickets. They can get lost, make information challenging to collect, and don’t provide visibility to the team. Implementing a client portal provides an opportunity to centralize customer communication, shorten the time taken to close tickets, and improve visibility. The best portal has essential communication features like inline forms, customized forms on each request type, and real-time chat.


The best client portal solution offers mutually beneficial interaction that is informative, effective, and achieves your company’s goals. They also ensure data security and promote communication. Proper customer engagement needs presenting data relevant to them in a way that clients can synthesize.