Jewellery Trends That Are Set to Make Their Way to 2022


We all know jewellery trends keep changing with time, and keeping up with them requires a lot of effort. As 2021 is about to end, women have already started guessing what jewellery trends will dominate the world in the coming year. To remove the guesswork from your jewellery buying process, we’ve curated an ultimate list of the trends that will create a buzz in 2022. If you want to pamper yourself by purchasing some stunning jewellery, make sure you purchase the ones that conform to the following trends:

Heavy Metal Chains

Contrary to the light, barely-there chain looks that dominated the market in past years will take a dramatic turn in the coming year. According to fashion experts, bold chain-like accessories are going to rule much of 2022. These accessories can easily level up your look, whether you wear them on plain tees or heavy knits. Big, bold chains that have a feminine touch to them along with some sparkling diamonds are set to make headlines on many fashion magazines next year. You can explore latest jewellery on this website and buy some beautiful chunky chains for yourself.

Diamonds & Pearls

Both pearls and diamonds are very much in vogue, and their classic pairing is all set to receive a revamped look in the coming year. Many designers have already started amping up the beautiful contrast by combining them with various diamond styles. If you follow celebrities, you can easily come across their pictures wherein they’re sporting an old-fashioned pearl necklace and pearl earrings like a diva. The luster and sparkle of diamonds and pearls have mesmerized many, and you can expect to see more of it in 2022.

Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings have become a jewellery staple that you can find in most women’s collections. And luckily, it is going to remain relevant in the next year. Hoops are one such accessory that you can wear during your zoom meeting and also carry them with elegance on your date night. These rings are versatile and can be paired with any outfit with ease. Depending on your style preference, you can buy plain hoops or flashy hoops.

Rings with Marquise-cut Diamond

Real diamond rings have always been people’s favorite, but the coming year is up with a twist. In 2022, you can see rings with marquise-cut diamonds rising in popularity. This shape gives your finger an elongated look when the ring is worn vertically. And when it is flipped, it resembles the evil eye. This trend is going to remain more popular among brides-to-be as the marquise-cut diamond is mostly found on engagement rings. If you already own a diamond ring, you can look for other gemstone rings where the gem has a similar cut and shape.

Gender-free Jewellery

An unexpected addition to the list is gender-free jewellery. Throughout 2021, designers were seen experimenting with designs to come up with stunning jewellery pieces that anyone can wear. These unisex jewellery styles feature minimalist looks, cleaner lines, and sparkling small diamonds. Gender-free jewellery is expected to be more comfortable, easy-to-wear, and stylish.

Now that you’re aware of the upcoming jewellery trends, make sure you give your jewellery collection the much-required reshuffle. It will be time-consuming, but you will absolutely love the result.