How to Renew your SAFe Certificate: Step-by-Step Instructions?


 SAFe certification is very much valuable in the whole industry and helps in providing people with several kinds of advantages both at a personal and professional level. This particular certification has the validity of one year and during this duration, people need to renew it to hold a valid certificate. It will be based upon paying the fees for renewal with a note of very comprehensive requirements and downloading the official certificate very easily.

 This particular certification has earned a good amount of respect and the whole industry because of the comprehensive ability to develop and deliver the best possible results in the shortest possible time frame. The professional which is the practice of SAFe methodology will be the employee of the organisation and will be one of the strongest pillars of the company in which they are working. So, to constantly avail all these kinds of advantages people need to remain updated in the industry and keep their certification very much valid. To keep the certification valid people need to renew their certification every year. Following are basic aspects which the people should know about the SAFe agile training in the whole world:

  1. The validity period for this particular certification is one year which will begin from the date of certification. The validity can be easily extended at the end of each validation period by paying the renewal fees on the official website.
  2. The certification can be easily renewed within 90 days before the expiry date and it cannot be renewed before the 90 days of the expiry date. So, if the certification has already been expired then there is no need to worry because it can also be restored even after it will expire.
  3. The renewal process of this particular certification is very much simple and people simply need to log in to the official website of the agile methodology so that they can deal with things very easily. After this, they have to click on the renew button right next to the “your certification” section enter the home tab and this is the only procedure that the people have to follow.
  4. After this, the screen will redirect the people to the payment screen so that they can complete the payment for certification and gain get it renewed very easily.
  5. The renewal cost of this particular certification will be different and will depend on certification to certification. The cost of renewal will be hundred US dollars and for the trainer, the renewal fees will be 895 US dollars. In the case of multiple certifications bundle renewal facility is also easily available for the people.

 Hence, there are no such stringent or complex requirements to renew this particular certification and people need to be clear about all the above-mentioned points very easily. People can simply log in to the official website to complete this particular process and ensure that everything will be carried out very easily. This particular certification does not require any kind of examination and all the individuals who were interested to have a promising future opportunity should go with SAFe certification renewal to keep their certification valid all the time.