Types of Breakaway Lanyards for Your Business and How Do They Help

The use of a lanyard has evolved through the ages. According to a news report, colored lanyard types are being used at public events to indicate a person’s comfort level to physical touch in the face of the pandemic. For example, if you do not want to shake hands with strangers at a conference, you can have a red lanyard around your neck.

Lanyards are also one of those items that you might see daily. For example, you might be using one to hang your office access cards, or your children might use one to display their badges. You can also see them being used by healthcare professionals and other service providers to show their ID cards.

The simple cord that you hang around your neck to clearly show your access cards, ID, badge, or hold keys or electronic items is known as a lanyard.

Why Use a Breakaway Lanyard?

A breakaway mechanism enables the lanyard to snap free when pressure is applied to any of the breakpoints. For example, suppose you work in a factory, hospital, correction facility, or school. In that case, there is a risk that your lanyard can get caught in a machine, door, or intentionally/unintentionally grabbed on.

Your lanyard can then turn into a choking hazard and could also cause severe damage. This is where a breakaway lanyard helps. If a badge or cord gets stuck, the lanyard breaks free due to the pressure applied, and you are safely distanced from danger.

Once the situation is handled, you can reattach the lanyard pieces instead of finding a replacement.

Types of Breakaway Lanyards and How They Benefit Businesses

Depending on the brand and design you opt for, the breakaway features are typically available at three different levels on the lanyard:

  • Behind the neck
  • Midpoint of the lanyard
  • End fitting

A lanyard design can have either of these or all breakaway features. The lanyard with the three breakaway features is the triple safety breakaway lanyard and is considered one of the safest options available.

The breakaway clasp behind the neck and at the cord mid-section is typically made from plastic or rubber. So, when pressure is applied onto these clasps, they can give away, and the lanyard no longer hangs around your neck. Nevertheless, if you work in a chaotic environment or risk getting the badge stuck in a running machine, breakaway features are a must for you.

For example, if you work in any of the below professions, you can lower risks and benefit from using a breakaway lanyard:

  • Healthcare professional
  • Law enforcement officer
  • Factory worker
  • Laboratories technician
  • Gym trainer
  • A salesperson at big retail stores or malls

Another feature using which you can differentiate lanyards is the end fitting. There are several hooks, clip types, and materials that you can choose from. Some of the common end fittings found may be:

  • Swivel hook
  • Bulldog clip
  • Detachable buckle
  • Lobster clasp
  • Badge reel
  • Wide plastic hook

For example, if you work with younger children who can grab your badge, you can easily separate the badge from the lanyard using a detachable buckle. Or, if you work in offices wherein the access points are placed inconveniently as per your height, you can detach the access card, use them and attach them again to the lanyard.

Lanyards are available in various colors, materials, shapes, and cord types. The breakaway feature is the most important one you should consider. Depending on your workplace, you can purchase a single or triple safety breakaway lanyard.

You can also customize the product to fit your company’s brand and colors. Explore the option of various lanyards for assured quality and durability.

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