Things You Need To Buy Before Moving to a Hostel in Pune


Hostel life. You’re not quite sure what to expect from it. Will it be as exciting as they show in the movies? Will roommates be cool and friendly? Will you be able to turn your room into a Pinterest-style palace? Have you packed everything that you’ll need? If these are some of the thoughts that are going through your mind right now, we understand. After all, you’ve just landed in Pune, the ultimate city for youngsters in India, and searched for a girls hostel near me. All that stands between you and your future home is making sure you have the right things.

Because living in a hostel is part art, part science. It’s something you can only learn through experience. And thankfully, plenty of people have done it before you. So, to help you get a flying start and begin your journey on the right foot, we’ve got a list of items (apart from the essentials) that you should definitely take with you before you move into a hostel.

Command hooks

Command hooks are going to be your best friend. These handy little hooks will help you make the most of all the vertical space in your room, without damaging the paint or causing your warden to go on a rampage. Simply place a few hooks on the back of your door as well as inside your cupboard and you’ll be good to go. Hostel residents over the years have also come up with tonnes of smart uses for command hooks, from creating a stand for your iPad or tablet, to setting up a hanging garden, so you can search the internet for more inspiration.

Bathrobe and slippers

One of the downsides to living in a hostel has to be giving up your private bathroom at home. You’re going to have to share a communal bathroom now with anywhere from two to ten other people. And having to bathe in those tiny stalls is tricky enough, you don’t want to navigate getting dressed in them too. So, invest in a bathrobe as well as some bathroom slippers. This will make it really easy for you to slip in and out of the shower, and then get dressed in the comfort of your room. And there’s another bonus – your clothes won’t get damp either.

Extension cord

One outlet, multiple devices. It’s the charging nightmare no one ever warned you about before you moved to your hostel. Well, that’s what you have us for. Make sure that you pack an extension cord with you before you move. Your hostel room is likely to just have one outlet, or two, if you have a roommate as well, and that’s nowhere near enough for your phone, laptop, hair dryer, lamps, and other electrical appliances. Plus, if you get an extension cord with a longer retractable wire, you can position it anywhere in your room. No more having to get out of bed every time you want to charge your phone.

Ear plugs

One thing you might not expect when you’re living in a hostel is just how loud it can be. If you’re someone who likes peace and quiet, you might think that rental flats in Pune are your only option, but it can be easy to drown out all the sound if you know the right tricks. A pair of earplugs can go a long way towards helping you get a night of uninterrupted sleep. And if you don’t want a tonne of noise but can’t deal with total silence either, your noise cancelling headphones and your favourite playlist are sure to save the day. So, make sure that you pack at least one of these items before moving in.

And there you have it. These are the things that you definitely need to buy before you move to a hostel in Pune. With them, you’ll be ready to have the most comfortable and hassle-free experience in your hostel.