Tough School Year? Here’s How to Ease the Stress

Back to school is a memorable process every year. After a long break, you will reunite with all your friends. There are even some courses that you were looking forward to studying. And let’s not forget you will have the opportunity to grow. However, it can be sometimes hectic to organize everything, remembering your classes, and keeping track of homework. Some students may also experience stress and anxiety because of the change. You will have new teachers, new subjects, new classmates and now even new rules because of Covid-19.

This year back to school has been very tough for many students because of the coronavirus. Online learning is keeping everyone safe. However, it has deeply impacted productivity. Some students may even be wondering how to outperform their last year’s performance. At the end of the school year, many students promise themselves that they will do better next year. There are some steps that you can take to make sure that you do outperform this back-to-school year. Here are seven tips to help you ease the stress of the tough school year.

  1. Get a Study Planner and Keep It Updated

Get organized is one of the difficult things to do as a student. Whether you are in high school or college, getting a school planner will help you be organized. You can write your daily, weekly, and monthly schedule in the planner. By doing so, you will never miss a class or test. You may also add your assignments and extracurricular activities. Suppose you plan on giving SATs and applying to different colleges for Undergrad or Grad programs. In that case, you can write down important deadlines.

  1. Allocate Study Areas and Try to Have More than Two

The place where you can study has its own importance. You may often overlook where you do most of your studies, but you will see a pattern. For example, if you feel like procrastinating, you will be lying on your bed while studying. However, if it is a last-minute assignment, you will be sitting upright even if it is on the bed. When you have a dedicated area, the chances of procrastinating will reduce. You may also have multiple allocated study areas. One can be in your room where you can study late at night without any distractions. Second, it can be a diner or a café, and you can even utilize it for group projects. It is also an excellent idea to have an allocated study area on campus. So, when you have free classes, you can utilize that time.

  1. From Small to Big

You will not feel tired when you start small projects either finished effortlessly or are not very compound. On the other hand, you will drain your energy very fast when you start with projects that require a lot of effort. Afterward, even if you have a small and easy assignment, you will leave it for another day. This kind of behavior can cost you a lot in the end. It will result in lower grades in the subjects you will start to ignore.

  1. Keep Yourself Motivated

Assignments, quizzes, and lectures can be a lot to handle. Sometimes you may even feel like nothing is essential. It will result in you wanting a break from everything. It can cause problems like stress, decreased productivity, and many others. It is, therefore, advised to keep yourself motivated. You can do different things to do that. For instance, while studying, you can set a break time for yourself. You can watch an episode of your favorite show in that break time or eat. You may even plan a night out with your friend after a quiz. Or you may plan a trip after your mid-terms. All these things will help you take a break and have a clear head, which will keep you going.

  1. Never Miss an Opportunity

When you have a free class or extra time after a class, try to utilize it. You can start early on your homework from a class. After your teacher is done with his lecture, you can consult your teacher if you still have time. Talk about vague concepts. Your teachers will be happy to assist you. And you never know, that point may be confusing a lot of students. So, in a way, you will be helping everyone.

  1. Make a Friend in Every Class

Everything gets better when you have a friend by your side. It is also true for school as well. Even the difficult subjects can seem a little less intimidating in group studies. You may try to make at least one friend in every class. If you have missed a class, you can contact your friend and ask them about that day’s activities.

  1. Get Your School Supplies Ready

Lastly, do not forget to get all the necessary school supplies. It is one of the steps that everyone follows. However, few people think it through. For example, you need to decide if having one binder is enough for all of your classes. Or if having different notebooks for each class is more practical. Try to repurpose and recycle as much as you can. And try to keep things simple for a stress-free school year.


Going back to school after a long break can be stressful. Especially those people who like to stick to a routine may find themselves at odds at the beginning of every school year. There will be a lot of new things waiting for you.

However, do not let the stress overcome the joyous occasion of moving up a grade. Life without challenges will be boring and will not enable you to grow. Therefore, think of these changes as a challenge you must overcome to prove yourself worthy. And we guarantee you that our list here will help you in overcoming the challenges with ease.

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