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Things to Know about Carene Terpene

Whether you’ve tried hemp-based products so far or not, you’re probably familiar with THC and CBD. While THC has a bad reputation, CBD is a good guy. It’s an active substance of various products that can be used as natural supplements. Their effects will depend on the user but also the composition of the product.

THC and CBD belong to cannabinoids and are the best known natural compounds from cannabis or hemp. But they are not the only ones. Apart from them, these plants contain terpenes, flavonoids, proteins, fibers, and many others. Let’s stop at terpenes.

While cannabinoids are mainly present in cannabis strains, terpenes can be found in every fragrant plant. They are the ones who give flowers their scent. But that is not the main reason for their existence. In fact, the major functions of these compounds are to defend the plant and attract insects due to pollination.

In addition to the above, terpenes have specific pharmacological activity. It makes these aromatic compounds desirable ingredients in medicine, pharmacy, and cosmetics. One of them is Carene terpene, just one of many hemp derivatives with vast health benefits. You should check out the features of this compound before using it.

About Carene

Terpene levels in plants vary according to environmental factors. Different strains of the same species have different levels of Carene. Hemp strains containing it have a unique taste and smell. Most users describe it as a mix of lemon, pine, and musk. It’s bitter-sweet, so it might not be enjoyable to everyone.

Despite its unique aroma, Carene has many medicinal properties that science is about to research further. For now, it’s known to enhance the effect of CBD. Also, it has a potent anti-inflammatory and antifungal effect and affects the growth and regeneration of bone tissue.

Antifungal Action

Scientists proved the antifungal effects of this terpene. It can successfully treat fungal diseases of the skin, hair, and nails. Due to the specific environment (moisture, oil, dirt), these areas are suitable for germs. Nail infections can be especially persistent and challenging to cure.

CBD or essential oils containing Carene have a potent antifungal action. Also, regular topical use of these products can be an excellent prevention against bacteria growth. Due to the feature of liquid removal, this terpene drains excess moisture to areas prone to infections.

Anti-Inflammatory Agent

Terpenes are usually anti-inflammatory agents. They can prevent the swelling caused by infection and inhibit pain and discomfort. Carene terpene can be extracted from hemp and used solely or combined with CBD (so-called full or broad-spectrum products). In the second case, it boosts the effects of this cannabinoid.

Hemp oil has been used for hundreds of years for the treatment of inflammation and pain. But this product has many other healing abilities as well, mainly when it contains Carene. It’s very much helpful in treating both moderate and severe joint pain. This terpene also helps in the healing of bruises and cuts.

Since CBD products are most commonly used to relieve pain (visit this source for more information), those with Carene will be even more effective. These products will induce inflammation and soothe pain in joints and muscles. The studies on the effectiveness of Carene as a painkiller gave promising results. Soon, this compound may become part of the conventional treatment of arthritis, gout, acute trauma, etc.

Treating Skin Conditions

Carene can be used to treat a variety of skin infections and allergies. Its anti-inflammatory properties can soothe the infection associated with different skin conditions. Many dermatologists recommend CBD oil with terpenes for treating psoriasis and eczema because of its exceptional properties.

Both conditions cause dry, itchy, and scaly skin. Carene from CBD oil helps to reduce the flaking effect of psoriasis and eczema. The anti-inflammatory properties of this hemp terpene make it an excellent remedy for skin irritation caused by shaving and peeling use.

Cosmetic Use

The natural healing properties of Carene have led to its use in skincare products. One of the features, which is not always desirable, is the ability to remove fluids. This terpene can cause slight body dehydration. That might not suit cannabis users, as smoking Carene-rich strains can cause dry mouth or itchy throat.

But some enjoy it. Due to its ability to remove excess liquid, Carene can dry up sebum, tears, sweat, etc. That makes it particularly beneficial to people with oily or combined skin. You can find this terpene in massage oils, shampoos, conditioners, hair dyes, and perfumes.

Great for Bone Health

One of the many benefits of Carene terpene from hemp is the ability to promote bone health. Recent studies have shown that this compound can speed up the healing of bone tissue after trauma. This feature is handy for treating osteoporosis or any disease that causes bone loss or wear.

Along with CBD (and THC sometimes), this component helps develop new cartilage that doesn’t get calcified or hardened because of age. As medical research already proved the bone-healing activity of cannabinoids, Carene adds up to their efficiency due to the Entourage effect.

On the source below, learn about the Entourage effect:

There are many other products available that have Careen terpene. If you want to get the best of this compound, get it combined with CBD. You will find their many benefits for your health and beauty.

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