Can You DIY Your Solar Home Installation?


In recent years, homeowners across the US have considered solar installation. Since the 2010s, when solar panels became more affordable and efficient, many more people have purchased solar systems for their homes. Now, approximately three percent of American energy comes from solar sources.

However, some factors continue to discourage people from using solar home installation. The prevailing factor is often cost. Although solar panel costs have dropped significantly in the last decade, the average US solar system costs approximately $20,000.

One way people often hope to save on costs is to install solar panels themselves. However, there are a few things to consider before attempting home solar installation. In this article, we’ll examine some of those considerations.

Is Solar Home Installation Safe?

When you hire a solar team, you’re a team of people with a great deal of experience and training in installing electrical equipment. Unless you have that background yourself, there’s a high likelihood you’ll endanger yourself if you install solar panels alone.

When you install solar panels on your home roof, you’ll deal with high-voltage wiring with a high risk of injury. In addition to risking your safety, you also risk causing electrical problems for your home if you do something incorrectly.

Understanding Local Laws

Whenever you want to add a feature to your house, there’s a lot of red tape to consider. There are federal, state, and local standards you must comply with. In addition to the government, local energy plants also have guidelines you must follow to complete your installation.

You’ll often need to investigate getting a building permit as well. Doing this involves a lengthy process of getting approval from city planning departments. At the end of the process, you’ll need an inspector to approve the final installation.

Instead of dealing with this process yourself, consider hiring a solar team for your solar home installation. They undergo this process on your behalf, saving you significant amounts of time. Likewise, local governments often grant your team their building permit faster than they would a DIYer.

Understanding the Condition of Your Roof

Another factor to consider for your solar installation is your roof’s condition. Generally, your house’s roof is the ideal place for a solar energy system. However, several things could make your roof unstable for solar installation.

Solar panels have a lifespan of approximately 20 years old. As such, if your roof is over twenty years old, you may want to get your roof inspected. Installing solar panels on a weak roof can lead to several issues in your home.

Some of these issues include leaking, sagging, or even your roof’s collapse! If you’re not sure how to assess your roof, hire a solar team. They have the experience to know if your roof can hold a solar system.

Leave It to the Professionals

While handling some home improvement projects yourself can be effective, leave your solar home installation to professionals. It’s safer and faster to trust their expertise.

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