How Much Does Hoarder Cleanup Cost?

Unfortunately, many people end up neglecting their home care until a problem becomes unmanageable. This can lead to hoarding, and the hoarder becomes convinced that everything they own is essential or valuable. The hoarder’s perception of what is essential often has an emotional connection. At the same time, the rest of us see things that are trash or worthless. Hoarding cleanup can be traumatic for clients and their family members. Luckily, there are companies, like this one, that can provide the best service for your needs.

It’s best to get help from a company specializing in this field that will be patient with the process. While also using compassion to help prevent hoarders from feeling criticized and shamed about messy living, they may have been struggling for years before seeking help.

Consequences Of Hoarding

Uncontrolled hoarding can hurt your health and wellbeing. The key issue with hoarders is that they have difficulty letting go. Living with a hoarder can create tension within the family unit and become dangerous to your health.

Hoarding is more prevalent than you think. At the same time, most people tend to believe that hoarders are wealthy individuals who keep their houses immaculate. It is not the case. Hoarders can be anyone from the underprivileged to the upper-middle class.

Last year’s CNN survey of Hoarders showed that over half of hoarders were in middle or upper-class jobs. While they may be employed, likely, their jobs do not provide enough compensation for how difficult it is to deal with their hoarding behavior.

Reasons To Hire A Hoarding Cleanup Service

Hiring a professional service to clean up your hoarding or hoarding-like problem can do wonders for you. They will help you declutter and organize your belongings. They will also take what they cannot reuse or sell to a recycling facility.

Hiring an expert means you don’t have to spend hours packing up your stuff, hiring helpers, or renting a truck. It saves the stress that comes with all of these tasks and the money if you would have otherwise paid a moving company to move the junk from point A to point B. 

Many people who hoard are depressed due to their lack of social life and are unaware of the seriousness of hoarding disorder. Let’s not ignore the severity of the disorder. However, you may be surprised by how helpful these professionals are if you’ve never dealt with a hoarder before.

This includes helping you with any mental health issues that may lie behind your hoarding habit.

Should You Hire A Professional Hoarding Cleanup Company?

Hoarding is a common disorder. Many people do not recognize hoarding as a problem. It is, therefore, important to hire a professional hoarding company.


A professional hoarding company has the expertise and training for cleaning and organizing hard-to-reach spaces. They have experience dealing with hoarders who suffer from mental illnesses or are in denial about their situation.

A professional hoarding company is a good investment for a hoarder. They have the experience to clean problematic areas. They know how valuable time-consuming tasks are wasted on people who do not take care of their hoarding problem.

Hoarding is a problem that requires professional help. This can be realized with the help of a hoarding company. They are equipped with the proper tools, knowledge, and expertise to deal with this challenging problem.


Hoarding is a problem that requires special attention. It can cause sickness or infections if not properly cleaned and organized. A professional hoarding company has the knowledge and skills to not only clean but also organize areas.


Although professional hoarding companies charge for their services, it is much better than wasting time cleaning it yourself. Since their services are affordable, there is no reason why anyone should not afford to get help for cleaning and organizing their homes.

Hoarding may be embarrassing for those involved, but embarrassment can be avoided with the help of a professional hoarding company. They will offer you their services without making you feel uncomfortable about your problem.

So How Much Should Hoarding Cleanup Cost You?

Hoarding cleanup companies are usually available in most metropolitan areas of the country.

The average cost starts from $0.75 to $2 per sq. ft.

Hoarding cleanup includes costs to remove all items from a house and repairs to make the place safe and livable again. Many hoarders ignore what they are buying, and therefore their homes quickly become overstuffed. Due to the number of items they have, it is impossible for them to clean or maintain the houses. For many hoarders, their possessions have taken over their lives and have led them to become shut-ins, living in filth and surrounded by debris.


Cleaning and restoration of a house that is filled with clutter are usually expensive. Especially if the hoarder is not able to pay for the amount it takes just to clean their home.  Quite a bit of labor works to remove all of the debris and then clean the home to make it safe again. The cost of hoarding cleanup can easily run into the thousands. It is best to get hoarding clean-up done before you are faced with an eviction notice or your house is condemned by the city because of unsanitary conditions.

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