11 Fun Corporate Event Entertainment Ideas


Corporate events can be both exquisite and fun. They are also a great way to make the headlines and give your organization the public attention it needs. Anyone can throw a party with champagne and light music, but that is not enough. You want a corporate event that is fun, memorable, and a benchmark for all future events.

Although it can be challenging to throw events on a minimal budget, your creative juices can guide you there. The trick is to always play by what you have and not go overboard. Through this article, we will help you throw the best corporate events. You can learn all about how to customize and brand your event to your liking:

1. Create an escape room

Escape rooms are an excellent blend of fun, mystery, and adventure, all wrapped in one idea. Your escape room doesn’t need to be elaborate. You can easily create one catering to the event’s theme and make it happen. Escape rooms are spaces where the people trapped inside need to follow a trail of clues to escape. Not only is this idea unique, but it’s also exhilarating. There should be no stopping what you can do with the right resources. It is also an excellent way to encourage teamwork and collaboration among your employees

2. Keep a magic show

Whoever said magic shows are for kids is wrong. On the contrary, they’re ideal for corporate events. Some magicians prefer calling their plays optical illusions to give them a more mature feeling. No one can deny the amusement that comes with watching a show. You can easily hire a magician, trollkarl, or wizard to pull out a few tricks from their sleeves for a formal audience. Some tricks will put you on the edge of your seat, while some are just amusing to watch. No matter what the case, a quick magic show makes for great entertainment. If you’re hosting a virtual event, a digital magic show is an excellent choice.

3. Use augmented reality

Augmented reality is fun. All you need to do is create a custom app and ensure everyone attending the event downloads it. You can also program it to download automatically when invitees connect to your database. App ideas are limitless, but you can have a scavenger hunt for a large-scale event. Not only is it fun, but it also makes for an exciting group activity, and who doesn’t like playing a game that rewards the effort you put into it.

4. A live band

Who doesn’t like live music? Live music is a great way to jazz up the environment. It can add a beat to everyone’s steps. If you invite notable celebrities, you may even spark enthusiasm, excitement, and energy into the event. Music is a great way to connect with people. It becomes an ice breaker. People can either enjoy the music playing in front of them or dance. What an exciting way to bring entertainment into a corporate event!And once again, if your company is “staying safe,” host a concert online.

5. Hire a corporate comedian

Corporations have their inside jokes. Comedians are professionals who know how to associate corporate humor with hilarious punchlines. Hence hiring one is bound to be a success. Comedians are also not afraid to take jabs at leading corporations. However, they do it in such a subtle manner that is both humorous and witty. It’s another excellent way to enjoy a high-scale event with a professional who has excellent crowd control and the right jokes with the right timing. Besides, laughter is an excellent way to get rid of some work-related stress.

6. Bring circus entertainment

You can even modify the venue you book for circus entertainers. These professionals are highly eye-grabbing and know how to entice a crowd with their graceful and elegant moves. Circus entertainers can also perform enthralling stunts from the top of high-rise ceilings. If you want to ensure the venue is safe, hire a professional to set up the area and run it through multiple security checks. If you put in extra money, you can also get excellent lighting to create a spectacle your coworkers will never forget.

7.  Photo booths

People love taking pictures, and they’re more fun inside a photo booth. You can get creative with backdrops, props, and frames. You can even take things a step further and create your own Snapchat or Instagram filter for a more engaging experience. It will also help spread a more positive brand and company image when people share pictures on their social media profiles.

8.  Set up a casino

High stakes and winning streaks are the charms of any casino. You can create an excellent environment for the people attending your corporate event with a faux casino. It may take some research on your part since you need to get game tables, slot machines, and professional couplers. But, you can find companies that allow you to rent and set up a proper casino setup for your venue. Finally, ensure a professional dealer is present at your event.

9. Bring in dueling pianos

As funny as this concept sounds, dueling pianos are both amusing and enticing to watch. This idea entails bringing two pianos on the stage and letting professionals perform either simultaneously or challenging each other on stage. These pianists can sing made-up songs or songs with hilarious innuendos, making sure the audience is clapping and singing along.

10. Introduce fire dancers

Any show that is daring and exhilarating is bound to be a memorable one. Fire dancers ensure that viewers remain on the edge of their seats n complete awe. The only precautions you need to take are confirming that the venue has fire safety measures in place. The last thing you want is to cause a flaming disaster without having any safety measures in place.

11. Interactive food and drink stations

While it’s easy to have a buffet table, interactive food options can also be equally entertaining. Food is an essential component of gatherings regardless of their nature. However, if you take up a notch and bring in live cooking stations and cocktail mixtures, you can mix food and entertainment. When you encourage people to indulge in their creative juice with the food, they will enjoy mixing and matching meals and create exciting flavor profiles.

Wrap up

Corporate events are essential. They can either be high-scale events or low-scale parties. Regardless ofwhy you’re throwing a corporate party, it is necessary to ensure the event is fun, entertaining, and goes successfully. There are different ways you can do this. For example, you can create a faux Casino, make a food station or hire fire dancers. Don’t pull back from allowing yourself to throw a creative and exciting party. No matter who your audience is, everyone likes good entertainment. The culmination of your work will be more exposure for your company and a solid reputation for your business. For any corporation, that is a win to get both a good reachand investors for future events.