The Best Online Video Makers for Facebook Ads

Videos are essential to any promotional campaign. They are simply too widely used and consumed to be ignored. Check out the Promo Editor if you want to see how easy creating video ads can be with an online video maker.

The importance of video increases further if you want to run your promotional campaign on Facebook. Reaching your target audience will be very difficult without the help of a video. Video has become an integral piece of Facebook content and your campaign will be incomplete without it. In this article, we’ll help you identify the best online video maker to use for Facebook. We’ll highlight the qualities that you should be looking for in a suitable video editor.

Stay tuned so you can learn more about creating the best video ads for Facebook. 

The Facebook Video Statistics You Must Know 

Before we get into discussions regarding online video maker features, let’s first talk about how important that kind of content truly is.

From firsthand experience, you probably know how engaging videos are on Facebook. You’ve likely gone on your fair share of video binges yourself. Given the way Facebook presents its videos, it can be tough to stop watching just one at times.

It may also seem like Facebook doesn’t run out of videos to put in front of you. That could be because the platform is indeed flooded with video content. SproutSocial notes that 15 percent of all content posted on Facebook is video.

Users also know that video is effective for conveying their message and generating engagement.

According to Hootsuite, videos posted on Facebook generate engagement at a rate of 0.26 percent. That may not seem like much, but it’s actually well above average. The same article notes that the engagement rate overall for Facebook content is 0.18 percent.

Promotional campaigns on Facebook will not generate desired results if they don’t feature video. The numbers back that up too. If you want to promote your brand or business on that platform effectively, using video is a must. 

The Qualities of a Good Online Video Maker 

When you consider the fact that videos are prevalent on Facebook and that they generate plenty of engagement, you suddenly get why finding a good video maker is so important. In the sections below, we can talk at length about the qualities you should be looking for in your video editor. 

User-Friendly Interface 

The video maker you’re planning to use to create Facebook ads should feature a user-friendly interface.

You will be using that video editing software a lot. Older videos that don’t get a lot of views tend to get buried. To counter that, you should be ready and capable of producing new videos at a high rate.

Producing high quality videos at a similarly high rate is only possible if you’re using software suitable for such a task. The problem is that many programs have clunky interfaces that actively get in the way of your content production.

It’s important to find a program with an interface you like. From there, you can familiarize yourself with it and start creating videos faster. Instead of taking days to pump out a new video ad, you may soon be able to finish one in just a few hours.

Finding a program that allows for quick uploads is important as well. You don’t want to get bogged down simply because it takes ages for your chosen software to upload your content to Facebook. 

Varied Video Templates 

Creating a video completely from scratch would be ideal. Doing so would give you complete control over every piece of content featured in the video.

The problem is that creating a video that way takes a lot of time. You have to get the setup right, capture the footage, and go through the editing process. Capturing the footage alone may take up an entire day.

Early on, you may not be able to devote your entire schedule to your small business. That means shooting videos regularly may also be out of the question.

This is where the templates come in. Find an online video maker with a diverse collection of video templates.

Those templates will allow you to quickly release new content. Select a template you prefer, make the necessary edits, and release the video. The entire process may take a few hours at most.

You should also look for programs that consistently add new templates. After some time, you may find the selection of templates stale and lacking. Reusing certain templates too much is also not ideal.

Go with an online video maker that regularly refreshes its template collection. A program such as that will help you keep your content fresh as well.

Complete Customization Capabilities 

There are times when you will need to invest the time and effort required to create a video from scratch. If you’re launching a new product, celebrating a milestone, or announcing a big promotion, you should hype it up with a fully original video.

Open up your preferred online video maker and see which customization features it provides. Make sure it comes loaded with the features you need.

When it comes to customization, there is also no such thing as having too many tools. Even if you don’t intend to use all the available features, it’s still good to have them available.

Since you’re posting on Facebook, you should also prioritize the video makers that allow you to choose the format of the content. The preferred format for Facebook videos is landscape. That makes sense since it’s easier for viewers to watch the video from that perspective.

However, some videos also generate more engagement if they’re released in vertical form. Every now and then, you may want to switch things up. The change could help freshen up your content and re-engage viewers.

In any case, you will need a video editor capable of making all those customizations. Take the time to find it. 

Parting Words

Running video ads on Facebook can work wonders for your brand or your small business. Hopefully, the tips we’ve included here will help you find the exact online video maker you need. Once you’ve found that, the promotional campaigns you run on Facebook should become even more successful.

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