Fun and Organized: 7 Design Tips for Storing Your Kids’ Toys


The fulfillment of having kids is to witness them grow and achieve milestones every day. From being a meek and gentle baby, they soon learn how to speak, walk, and create things. But part of creating things and learning is also the mess that they leave behind. Sometimes, the mess from their toys, arts and crafts, and more can be overwhelming. It is all over the place and you just have little to no idea about where to start cleaning especially when you know that it is all going to be messy again. To all parents out there who feel this way sometimes: we understand and that is normal. The solution for the mess from your kids’ toys just lies in smart and creative storage tips that your kids will enjoy. Check this out:

1. Look for creative storage bins

Kids love anything that looks playful and engaging. If you want to teach your kids how to tidy up their toys, make organizing toys fun and enjoyable. Choose colorful storage bins. Choose also the kinds of bins that have fun designs. Maybe one of the first tips from kids toy storage ideas is placing their toys in bins and shelves where they can immediately see their toys. This way, they no longer have to rummage through bins just to look for a single piece of toy. You can also use transparent storage bins and just engagingly arrange them.

2. Use awkward spaces

You might think that your house no longer has any space for a new toy for your kid. But you cannot just resist your kid’s puppy dog eyes as they ask you to get that toy robot they have been begging for. Think outside the box and transform awkward spaces into a fun kids’ room décor! One homeowner transformed the awkward space under their stairs into a cute and organized toy storage. You can also install shelves on awkward corners and place your kids’ toys on them.

3. Label the bins properly

For playrooms and other toy storage bins that are stacked or grouped, it is best to properly label these bins. As we have mentioned, kids tend to rummage through storage bins only to look for something they are searching for. As a result, your storage bin will turn inside out. The bin will be messy and the toys will be all over the place. Adding proper labels to storage bins will be easier for your kid to locate the things they are looking for. You can label them by their type of toy, their type of arts and crafts, and more.

4. Install fun, activity-oriented bins

Sometimes, our kids see cleaning up as a boring and dragging chore. Start them young as early as now and teach them the right way to organize their stuff. Make organizing their toys fun and enjoyable by making a game out of it. Storage solutions shops also offer fun storage bins that will allow your kid to enjoy cleaning up. An example of this is installing a basketball ring atop your toy storage bin. This will allow your kid to tidy up their toys while playing. You can also make it color-coordinated, so your kid will be engaged and pair up those bins with their toys of the right color.

5. Choose furniture with storage

Storage bins can sometimes be a problem because they take up your space. Maximize your space by choosing furniture pieces that also have storage spaces. An example of these is storage bins that can also serve as a stool for sitting. Storage and furniture solutions also have beds with efficient storage bins underneath.

6. Install a creativity wall

Have you ever experienced feeling frustrated about how your kids drew doodles on your precious walls? On the one hand, this can be a common thing with kids because they are still exploring. You can see this as a way to hone their creativity. At the same time, we know that they should be disciplined. To do this, you must be clear with the boundaries that you set with them. Install a creativity wall where they can be free to create, write, draw doodles, and more! This way, they will know their boundaries.

7. Use your vertical space

If you think the space on your floor is not enough, be creative and maximize your vertical space! Install hooks where you can hang some of your kid’s toys. This will be perfect for oddly shaped toys and stuffed toys.

Teach your kids well

Here are some kids’ toy storage ideas that you can try. However, all of these will be in vain if you do not teach your kids how to properly organize their things and clean up after themselves. Make sure to offer positive reinforcement and to teach them patiently when they are having difficulties.