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Real vs. Fake: How To Spot A Fake Rolex

Rolex. The name is synonymous with sophistication and attractiveness, and is, among the top 100 extremely strong, acknowledged brands in the world, according to Forbes. Rolex is so popular that it’s entirely compatible with the luxury watch genre, and a sign of achievement itself. But there is a drawback to this prestige. Fake Rolex watches have been marketed here and there since the company started producing top-notch mechanical watches. Several overseas watch producers have responded to the demand by manufacturing high-quality fake watches over the ages. According to skilled eyes, many Rolex replicas are virtually accurate representations of their real counterparts. So, how can you tell if a Rolex timepiece is genuine?

1. Keep the Watch Close to Your Ear

Place the watch near your ear and listen for any clicking sounds before explaining something. Always keep in mind that all Rolex timepieces are operated by an automatic movement. The existence of a quartz movement will be confirmed by a ticking sound from the watch. To put it another way, if it ticks, then it’s a fake Rolex! This is because, despite the eight micro components, the automatic movement in a genuine Rolex watch is completely silent.

2. Watch’s Case Back

Except for the Rolex Sea-Dweller and a few antique Rolex watches from the 1930s, a smooth metal case back is featured on all genuine Rolex watches. If you find that the watch has a plain backside, you can be sure it’s a fake Rolex.

3. Crown Etching That Isn’t Well-Made

Replicators do not have the same level of craftsmanship as Rolex. This is one criterion for deciding whether or not a Rolex watch is genuine. Since 2002, the company has included a small crown-etching at the 6 o’clock location in every Rolex model. This, along with the wider crown etching, is meant to give the wearer a sense of uniqueness and exclusivity. Furthermore, the small etching is difficult to notice in the first place. Use of a magnifying glass is needed to spot it.

4. Second Hand

Rolex makes no compromises when it comes to accuracy and efficiency. A secondary time zone is shown on the second side. If the second hand seems to move in a jerky way, you have a fake Rolex device on your hands.

5. Rolex Serial Number Engraved

A valid Rolex serial number can be found on any watch made in the Rolex production unit. Even if a charlatan can copy the serial number itself, no one can duplicate the manner Rolex engraves it. The Rolex serial numbers are etched precisely and exactly on its high-quality and smooth metal body. A watch with an “etched” serial number, on the other hand, is a fake. If you buy something with this on it, be cautious and return it as quickly as possible.

6. Cyclops Quality

A date display is standard on most Rolex watches, and a small magnifying glass is often used to expand the indicator by 2.5X. Cyclops is the name given to this small magnifying section. Every component of a Rolex watch has always been made of the highest quality materials. When you wear a Rolex watch, you’ll find that the Cyclops has a polished and smooth appearance.

7. Surprisingly Low Cost

Rolex is known for producing timepieces that are true works of art. The Rolex watch price is no exception to this rule. You’re at risk of insolvency on a fake Rolex if a vendor sells you a watch for an unusually low price. Furthermore, if the watch’s quality does not seem to warrant a higher price, the seller is most likely selling you a counterfeit model. So, before making a purchase, it’s a smart option to look at the price of a watch with another reference.

8. Texts on the Face

The text on the watch’s face should be up to Rolex’s greatest potential. The text on a fake Rolex is bubbling, poorly spaced, and unsmooth. Assess each section of the text thoroughly. This is how you can tell if the watch you bought is fake or real.

9. Intricacies of a Watch

You’ll need an extra hand for this exercise. It’s always unsafe to open a Rolex watch, but it’s worthwhile when you’re about to verify its validity. The inner workings of Rolex watches seem to be complicated. This is another factor to consider when deciding whether or not a Rolex watch is genuine. But keep in mind that you shouldn’t attempt to reopen the case until you’ve found someone competent to handle it.

10. Weight

This is possibly the simplest way to determine whether or not a Rolex watch is genuine. You must weigh your Rolex to determine that it is an authentic Rolex. Metal is used in the construction of an initial Rolex. This helps to understand why it appears to be very heavy. Furthermore, an original Rolex comes with a well-made, high-quality bracelet, which contributes to the watch’s overall weight.

In A Nutshell

To better decide whether you have a bunch of real or fake Rolex watches, follow all the steps outlined above. Purchase only genuine Rolex watches to stay safe and to save resources.

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