Explain Improper Fractions

Definition of Fraction:

In math, a fraction is used to denote the portion or the part of the whole thing. It depicts the equal parts of the whole. A fraction has two parts, which are identified as the numerator and the denominator. The number on the head is understood as the numerator, and the number on the bottom is named the denominator. The numerator maintains the number of equal parts taken, whereas the denominator displays the total number of equal parts in a whole.

For example, 8/10 is a fraction.

What are Improper Fractions?

Improper fraction, besides the name, means the fractions that are not done correctly for any number, object, or part. In terms of Math, an improper fraction has a numerator that is bigger or greater than the denominator, such as 8/2. While, in a proper fraction the denominator is bigger than the numerator, like 6/9.

Simplifying Improper Fractions

We have explained the concept of an improper fraction. Now, let us discuss how to clarify them:

  • Step 1: To discover if the given fraction is improper or not
  • Step 2: Then understand the denominator and check for how many parts it is sharing the numerator with
  • Step 3: Then check the common factors of the presented numerator and denominator
  • Step 4: Lastly, eliminate the like terms both from numerator and denominator to find the final answer

Interesting Ways To Learn Improper Fractions?

Don’t Memorize, Learn

A lot of students start learning the concepts by memorizing improper fractions and their facts. While this method can work, it could also create difficulties and confusion in the future. An improper fraction is very simple and can be broken down into a stepwise manner that will make it very straightforward to perform and use in mathematical problems.

Set Goals

Once the students have mastered the basics of factors, they can set goals as to what they want to focus on and excel in while solving and exercising. If you are looking to be good with improper fractions, then set the right goals and work on them. Setting goals is one of the most essential steps of getting a hold of the concepts and mastering the working of fractions.


As with any subject or method, the most authentic way to master it is through daily and persistent practice. Improper fractions will be easier once you get the hang of their concepts. Practice will always help students to outshine and be confident while solving math. Practice is the only thing needed to completely comprehend the basics as well as the complex problems in math.

Learn from Your Mistakes

Improper fractions are one of the topics where it’s extremely necessary to take notes of your mistakes and failures. One cannot afford to repeat the same mistakes while working with fractions. Also, if we look at it from a whole changed perspective, mistakes can help students understand the entire concept of factors that can help them in the long run.

Grasp Concepts

While improper fractions are more about numbers and their representatives than theory, there are also a few comprehensive and complicated concepts to help understand different types of fractions. Most students work on memorizing and don’t pay much thought to the actual concept that is involved in the fractions. Hence when it comes to improper fractions, one should always focus on the core concepts rather than focusing on memorizing them.

Ask Help When Needed

It’s okay to ask for supervision while learning something new. Even if the students think they know the concepts and understand the fractions, they might need extra guidance to lead in an authentic direction and be crisper. Students can consider getting a math tutor, asking a friend, or seeking help from their parents. Remember, it’s okay to ask for help when needed while practicing improper fractions. There are various online learning platforms that provide free worksheets that can help you understand the concept of improper fractions. Cuemath is one such platform that uses interactive worksheets in order to engage students. You can visit website and download the pdf interactive worksheets by Cuemath for free.

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