How to enable and disable the TTY mode on smartphones?

What is tty mode on cell phones?Or what is tty mode?

tty android is one of the most beneficial things that will help individuals having hearing disabilities and hard-of-hearing problems. All the current mobiles are embedded with this feature. In case, you are having hearing problems then you can easily use this out but if not then you can turn it off. As per your choices and comforts, you can enable as well as disable the feature. But the question that arises is how can a person enable and turn off tty on smartphones.

Don’t you worry, because this is the perfect place that you have landed on. We have provided the steps for enabling and disabling android tty mode on your smartphones. Just give a deep look and learn better.

How to enable and disable the tty mode full feature on cell phones?

tty mode on android is one of the best features that hearing disabilities people can make use of you. If you are facing such ear problems then you should definitely give it a try to this feature. Most of the time, this is the feature that is available under the General Settings. But if you didn’t find the feature over there then you should go and check on the Call Settings. From there you can easily enable and how to turn off tty the feature. So, have a look at the steps for knowing how the TTY mode can be enabled.

  1. First of all, you need to open your main screen and from there you need to open the Dialer Icon.
  2. Move ahead and tap on the three dots available on the screen. After tapping the dots a box will open in front of you.
  3. From that box, you need to tap on the settings. Then you need to select the call settings.
  4. Now, in the call settings, you can easily see the tty settings . From there you should select the enable option and here you are done.

Hence this is how you can enable the tty mode phone on your smartphones. Let’s move on to the steps for disabling this feature on smartphones. Follow the what is tty setting steps carefully, if interested in disabling.

  1. Go to the option of cancel settings and find the disable tty
  2. After finding the TTY option you can easily do tty mode turn off. Here is the quick way to disable the TTY mode: Tap Dialer Icon> Three Dots> Settings> Call Settings> TTY off and you are done.

Hence, tty off is much easier than enabling it. So, if you want to disable the option then go and try this today only.

To conclude, TTY mode will give you a number of benefits in case you face hearing problems. But if you are having no problems with hearing then this feature is of no use, so it is better to disable it. However, to know more on what is tty mode mean you can throw a comment.

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