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Everything that you Need to know About Rob Cheng

Have you ever heard about Rob Cheng? Don’t worry because this is an article that will let you know and everything about Rob Cheng. Rob cheng wiki is one of the best persons and is having more than 30 years of experience in sales, advertising and many more. He is the one who established PC Pitstop in 1999, he is the one who was the SVP of Gateway Driving deals. There are many other achievements also that Rob cheng has gained in his whole life.

Rob Cheng began to work in Texas Instruments of sales and marketing in Latin America for having a good experience. He is the one who holds a Bachelor’s degree in engineering from Cornwell University and an MBA from the University of Texas. Ergo, it can be easily said that Rob Cheng is having lots of knowledge about the IT industry. To know more about pc matic ceo, continue and read this article by the end.

Early life of Rob Cheng: Rob Cheng was a person born in New York City but at the age of 2 he and his parents moved to Washington. The dad of Rob Cheng was an analyst whereas his mother was a software engineer in a programming-based company. Rob cheng pc matic spent his childhood in Bowie, Maryland and he went to Bowie Senior High School also. At the school, Rob Cheng performed indeed that too in between thousands of children.

Rob Cheng performed very well in mathematics. After performing well at schools, Rob Cheng went to university and there also he did incredibly. After completing graduation, Rob cheng family got an internship at Xerox and this was his first-ever work experience. Apart from this, Rob Cheng worked for Federal Government for one summer but for satisfaction, he left the job. Through an interview, Rob Cheng told the people that it was a good experience and he consistently loved the PCs.

Rob Cheng worked at Texas Instruments for Experience: After Rob left the job at Texas Instruments, he started working as a Material Requirements for planning things. This job was good enough and has taught Rob about international auxiliaries. Rob cheng was performing very well according to the company.

After some time, Rob Cheng decided to complete his leftover MBA degree. Giving too many efforts and performing hard, Rob finally had a promotion. During the promotion, Rob Cheng met a new person Ted Waitt and Ted was the one selling into the reseller’s exchange for TI PC’s. Ted’s organization is refer to as the TI PC Network.

Worked with Gateway Computers: Rob cheng became good friends with Ted and they decided to start a new company named Gateway Computers. Both of them worked incredibly over there. Then rob cheng family left the company and one of his business owners also left the company.

Both of them worked together and Rick helped him to set an organization called PC Pitstop.

What is PC Matic?  Or who is pc matic founder?

PC Pitstop makes some of the products like Optimize, Driver Alert, PC Matic, Disk MD, and many more. The main aim of PC Matic is to keep propelling the cybersecurity industry, giving security solutions that are very simple and moderate to utilize.

Ergo, this is all that people should know about Rob Cheng. To have more details throw a comment.