Customizing Furniture to Fit in Smaller Living Spaces


These days the crunch of space is quite oblivious in all facets. With the growing population size, there is a huge scarcity of land per square and thus proportionally affecting the cost of living. People have started living in smaller houses with limited furniture. Quite prevalent in metro-cities is the culture of one-room studio apartments which is well designed to fit in all the basic amenities. Obviously to meet the space limitation we need to get crafty to fit in the minimalistic furniture. The interiors with well-planned storage systems have become the need of the hour. A bed is the first thing that is prominently visible upon entering a bedroom. Creativity to the bed design has brought out a multi-usage angle. The Bed is no longer just furniture to sleep in but serves as a closet to store all the not-so frequently used linen or other stuff.

Storage Desk Under the Bed: The choice of once huge regal monarchial architectural beds has now been de-sized and planned for multi-purpose utilization. Whilst the idea of having a canopy bed is still lingering in your wish list but needs to be modified incorporating an under-the-bed storage space. This serves the requirement to fit in and make the best of the bed space. Bunk beds or Beds with under-storage are the demand of the hour. To maximize the space and have extra legroom, the craftsmen have gone the extra mile in designing under-bed closets in varied patterns and sizes. This is an easy way to enhance de-cluttering and organizing in limited space. A similar pattern of having more space in the kid’s bedroom is accomplished with the latest designs of bunk beds or decker beds.

Making Best of The Minimal Space: Having extra space also helps in making room for the little interior decoration items like bed lamps, nightstands, etc. The low-to-the-ground beds are space savers in smaller bedrooms and make the décor less cluttered. The wood headstands with cushioning are another good plan for a soft comfort while resting to read and gives a trendy look as well. The extra headboard is modified as a small desk that gives extra space to fit little novelties. Adding a color theme to the headboards gives a modern twist. Headboards in bright colors and matching furnishings transform the bedroom look for a sophisticated feel.

Customize the Bed Designs: There is a huge demand for personalized bed designs. To have the right size and fit as per the interiors, the dependency on skilled carpenter has increased. To tap the growing demand the furniture brands are also encashing the growing need and developing customized beds.

 The pandemic lockdown has brought a huge realization that home is where we rest, work, and relax. So, the majority of working groups are taking more interest in building a comfortable home with attractive bedrooms. Ultimately one-third of our lives are spent in the warmth of our beds. Designing a bed as per your comfort, room size, and desired look with a choice of extra storage has a positive effect on the body and mind.