Some Best Jailbreak Tweaks To Be Known For Uncovering (With Repos)


Do you know? There is no one who doesn’t know checkra1n and unc0ver iOS are out. There is a complete guide available on the internet for people about the installation of checkra1n and unc0ver iOS. As per researches, it has been found that jailbreak is installed for getting some of the Cydia to tweak that too with additional features. This is because the additional features are not there on the Apple Store. But don’t you worry, because after checking all the things we are here with an article that will make you learn about the top Cydia applications. Just have a look at the article for learning more about the best tweaks for ios 13.5.

Cylinder Reborn: The best jailbreak tweaks kind of community is here. When you swipe between the pages, this is the jailbreak that is going to give you different animations. Going into a cylinder will make you enjoy lots and lots of effects that you can choose from. All of the effects are different from one another, so go ahead and turn your bubble there. Definitely go ahead as this is the jailbreak that is going to provide you the best. However, to have more information on the best cydia tweaks cylinder reborn, check the internet.

Appaze 2: The next best jailbreak tweaks ios 13.5 is known as Appaze and this is the tweak that gives you all good and exciting features. Are you interested in going to the jiggle mode? You will see the top cydia aps Appaze 2 icon and this will make you choose all the different behavior for each of the applications. If there are certain applications that you need to have with a custom brightness, volume, weather, or anything else then you can try this one. Ergo, this is one of the best ios 13.5 jailbreak tweaks that can be used by the people for having the best.

B3rry: Next top cyndia apps is called B3rry and this is an excellent application that is going to allow you for launching applications from your lock screen now only. However, one of the little sides of B3rry is that you are going to get cool animation, but the small kind of animated bar along the bottom is their part of the tweak. Hence, if interested in having little animation along the bottom, then go and try this ios 13.5 tweaks only.

Aerial 2: Now, next in the list of tweaks for Cydia is an iOS tweak for cydia called Aerial 2. This is the tweak that enables you for coloring all the different kinds of bits of your status bar. If you jump into the preferences, you will see that this tweak allows one person to choose all other icons and then choose which color we want. This is one of the best tweaks that you can use for having the best. Go and try cydia best tweaks today only to know more.

Exact Time: Exact Time is also the best 13.5 tweaks and this is specifically going to provide you the exact time that notifications came in. Hence, this new tweak makes everything more precise if that’s something you would want to do.

Hence, these are the best ios 13.5 tweaks that one should know about. However, to have more information on best tweaks for ios 13.5 let us know through the comments section.