Interesting Features About Office 365 Support


Earlier were the days when people used to maintain records manually and all the work was done by humans manually. But with the invention of computers, much of the workload of the people have shifted to machinery. Further when new techniques came into being then Microsoft office was launched that has many varieties of features that can be used to do various things. We all know that with the passage of each the technology is growing. Now office 365 support has been launched in the market that acts as a set of full tools that will help the users to be more productive at work.

Changes are the new normal to the people, the people who don’t get themselves adapted to the changes then they won’t be able to grow in the market. The same is the case with office 365 support, now Microsoft office has come up with various changes that are very helpful for the business and even they keep on pushing themselves to the new collaborations for innovations. Here is the list of some cool features of office 365 support that the user can use. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Real-time co-authoring: Earlier the user needs to first complete his work in the ms-word, either he has to send the file to someone through mail or storage devices. But with this, the users working on any office and see each other changes as they are with real-time co-authoring. They just need to save the file in one drive or SharePoint. Directly the file is saved with other users.
  • Insert links to store files: Earlier the users were in habit of sending mails of the work that they have done but with the use of this technique, you can directly share the link of the document. The user just needs to upload the file on the office 365 cloud storage. Directly write an email using outlook and it will grant permission to the user for mailing that links to others.
  • Power map in excel: This is the most powerful feature installed in excel that helps in visualizing. This feature gives an appropriate solution for analyzing and sharing data insights. The data can be turned into an interactive map that will provide the features of putting different filters for more clarifications.
  • Covert notes into outlook calendar events: This is the new feature that has made the management’s work much easier. The notes can be easily converted to tasks inside the calendar. Alerts can be sent to the employees through emails about the meeting they have to attend along with time and venue.
  • Chat with co-workers: Yes, you heard it right. Nowadays whenever you are working on an online sheet or docs, the people working on it can have conversations with each other that can be through messages or audio or video conversations. There is no need of leaving the work application and calling your colleague for some doubt. The person can directly ask and recommend and even edit the changes on it.
  • The mouse can be used as a laser pointer: Earlier for presentations, the company has to invest in buying pointers that will be very helpful. But now just by pressing ctrl+P, the mouse will be converted into a laser pointer that will be used during presentations. Even the user can go for the presenter mode commands. This feature has been recently launched in PowerPoint and performs well in touch devices.
  • Resume reading feature: This feature is very helpful for people who read or have to go through long document files. They can switch on this feature and even if the user opens that same file on any other device, the file will open from the page where the user was reading it.
  • Editing and conversion: Earlier the documents need third-party involvement so that they can be converted into pdf. But with the help of the new feature the user can directly save the document in the form of pdf. If you again want to edit the document you can convert it directly in word document form and do all the editing work and again save it in the form of pdf.
  • Reply inline without opening email: This is providing the feature of the reading pane in outlook without opening the mail. This feature will provide the preview option even some of the standard replies are there, the user can just press the appropriate reply. The user doesn’t need to open different windows for replying to different messages.
  • Up to 50 GB of email storage: Each of the users of this new advanced feature gets the storage of 50GB for all the extensions like emails, calendars, tasks, attachments, contacts, etc. The storage can be saved by saving everything on the cloud storage and from there they can directly share attachments.
  • Organize the team’s workflow: This is providing the feature of a planner that can help the management to carry out the workflow and organize collaboration with different companies. This feature has become the greatest tool that will help in organizing different tasks and will help in sharing the data that is required to carry out daily work. The notification is sent to different people working in the company through emails.
  • Retrieve the right version of the document: The versions have been improved with the use of office 365. The user will feel the difference, they can see the changes that were there because of the difference in version. So the user can retrieve back to the previous version so that the document can be in the better form.

So these are some of the new features that are in office 365. It has acted as the one-stop solution for the working of many companies. So companies of any scale need to get office 365 business support to carry out their operations efficiently and accurately. This is a tool that will help the company in almost every field of their work like from organizing to sharing different things.


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