Apartment Hunting Tips to Help You Find the Best One


South Mumbai, fondly known as So-Bo, offers an ultra-exclusive lifestyle where residents can enjoy a host of amenities and facilities.

Anyone looking for a luxurious lifestyle can pick from the flats for sale in south mumbai. Many projects have been completed and many are underway. However, it’s your 1st move or 5th, the process can be overwhelming. To ensure that you find the right apartment for yourself, here are some valuable tips for you to make the apartment hunting process easier:

Plan a Budget

The first thing you need to do is set a budget and determine the amount you will be spending on the apartment. This includes all the utilities, rent, and move-in costs like the hired labor, movers, etc. Apart from the cost of the apartment, there are some other areas too where you would have to spend such as the internet, parking, and other add-ons. Don’t forget about those.

Moving Time

People tend to move during the summer months as the weather tends to be more favourable. More units are available during these months, but the demands for apartments tend to hike the price. During the winters, the rent prices are lower and you are susceptible to finding a good deal.

Always Self-Inspect

When you enter an apartment, look out for things the owner may want to hide. Check inside the cabinets and top of shelves. Check the sink, shower, and faucets. Ensure there is no leakage. Also, check the electric sockets to make sure that all outlets work. Be very thorough. You can even hire professional inspection services.

Also, take pictures. This way, you will have evidence of how things were and how the unit looked like when you moved in. This helps in getting a larger portion of the security deposit when you leave.

Do Not Hesitate to Ask Questions

When you are viewing a property, you are free to ask as many questions as you can. Ask about the parking space and its fee. If you are renting out an apartment, ask if the rent payment includes the utilities? Are there any requirements for income, etc? Getting answers to these questions will give you a better idea about what the apartment comes along with.

Check Cell Reception

Sometimes, the internet does not work in some areas. The cell reception is poor too. Some rooms have signals interrupted for countless reasons. See that you go through each of the rooms to check for service.

Have a Checklist at Hand

The idea of apartment hunting is time-taking as well as daunting. Many times, people forget to check the places and the items that were on priority. Try to make an organized list of all of your wants and needs in an apartment. And then, check the items off your list after visiting the property.

Don’t Rush into It

Take your time in visiting the property and going through it all. As the property managers are usually in a hurry to get you through the viewing process. You, as a prospective buyer, should take as long as you like to inspect the unit. Ask questions and try to build a rapport so they remember you.

Look Around the Neighbourhood

Drive around and check out the area. See the local restaurants, healthcare facilities, schools, and stores to get the feel of the surroundings and the kind of lifestyle you would have here. You can also check online to know what people are saying about the neighbourhood and is it safe. Moreover, check out the area at different times of the day. An area will look different during noon in mid-week compared to Friday evening. You should be aware of all the factors ahead of time.

Negotiate Reasonably

If you think there is room for negotiation, do so. A good time for negotiation is when the apartment you are looking at requires a lot of work and fixing. Also, you can negotiate if you are not getting a lot of amenities.

Check Background of Real Estate Agency

Scams and frauds are quite common in real estate. Victims of such scams often voice out their experiences online. Do check out the project name or the real estate agency on the internet and read reviews of people.

Be Flexible

Pay attention to what you are willing to compromise. Last but not least, one cannot get everything. It can be hard to find the perfect home that has everything you want. You might have to make some compromises. If you are planning to live with friends, your priorities may be different compared to living with a spouse or family.

So, it is best to know when to compromise on a deal that offers a lot if not everything you wanted in the first place.

If you are not in a hurry, then take your time to find the perfect one out of the sea view apartments you are looking at. Moving is a big decision, you have to make sure you are ready.


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