Organizations often fail to comprehend the situations that may arise in the real world after a particular product is launched. There may be several gaps within the framework of software that may turn out to be a threat to the whole company. As the process of app development is becoming faster, it becomes more and more difficult to capture these loopholes. This has led to the creation of a method of testing known as Penetration Testing or commonly known as Pentesting. The main function of this system is to eliminate all the liabilities and weak points present in any software where a hacker can execute his attacks for changing the integrity of the programs. Let us check out some of the common testing methods.

  1. Network Penetration Testing and exploitation: This method of testing actually checks the defense and security of a program both inside as well as outside. It employs real-time techniques that are actually used by hackers and application programmers. This method is more efficient than regular testing methods as it can discover the loopholes that are not found by normal methods.
  2. Third-party penetration tests: This type of testing works by creating an internal group of co-workers and employees who will try to create a real-life threat situation for testing the vulnerability of the program. They may be hired by different companies to conduct these tests.
  3. Blind penetration test: In this method, the user will have to research and find out all the information related to a cyber organization without actually knowing its name or whatsoever. This is exactly how real-time hackers work.
  4. Cloud Pentesting: Since the cloud services can store a large amount of data and information, it is one of the best platforms for hackers or unauthorized users to perform a malicious attack and check the strength of the program. The most common cloud testing areas are firewalls, weak passwords, applications, and encryption.
  5. Physical or External Testing: This method is used to test the areas of a company that is available on the internet and is visible to all. It tries to prevent access to the servers and systems of the company. It prevents valuable data access and customization of data authenticity.

How does it help in the real world?:Penetration testing finds out the existing ambiguities in your system or applications so that you can take proper steps to improve its security. This test ensures your network availability so that you don’t face any losses in your business. Sudden loss of network accessibility can put a negative impact on your company. Penetration tests definitely save a company’s name, reputation, and protect customer’s trust. One mistake can destroy the reputation of your company. Loss of data can often disappoint customers and you might experience lesser interests from other retailers. These methods can often save your company from any kind of penalty or additional fine because of a casualty in the security department.

Conclusion: You can also perform your own penetration technique. However, it’s not suitable in most cases as it requires a lot of time, patience, skill, and an in depth knowledge related to programming languages and concepts.


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