Legal Way for Free Windows Activation


Are you running a device and popping out with a message of windows activation? Do you want to activate windows for free? Yes, we know that the windows activation pop-up message is one of the most common messages that people tend to see after some time of using devices. If facing the same issue, then this is the right article for you. Because with the help of this article you will learn everything regarding windows activation that too legally and for free using 7. Have a look to know on windowstxt.

Firstly, we will discuss a bit about Windows. What is Windows? Windows is one of the most common Operating Systems in the PC world that is being in use by people. There are a few people only who are aware of different Operating Systems but Windows is the most widely used. While Windows get installed in your PC, after a few time interval an activation reminder keeps on popping on the screen of your device. This is the activation reminder that asks for the license key or the product key and we need to purchase it.

But don’t worry because is something that will help you download your windows for free. A license key or the product key is very much expensive for some people, so this is the method that can be tried by us. So, have a look to know in detail about bit/ly/windowstxt. This is a method that will help you in the activation of Windows without any license or product key. It is not similar to the traditional method because the traditional method asks for a license and product key. Ergo, this method of windowstxt can easily be used on Windows 7- bit.lywindowstxt 7, Windows 8-, Windows 10- bit ly/windowstxt.

However, if you are worring about the fact that whether this bit/ly/windowstx method of Windows activation legal or not. Then let us clarify to you that the bit/ly/windowstx method of Windows activation is one of the safety and legal method that people can use.

Some of the points that you need to remember if Windows is not yet activate are here below. The points need to be remember because you can get some demerits as well. SO, just read them out carefully.

  1. Personalizing of the laptop will not happen at all if Windows is not activated.
  2. PC of yours will start facing problems after some time interval if you don’t activate the Windows on it.
  3. The watermark of Windows Activation is there present on the bottom right corner of the device. So, to check whether the Windows is activate or not you need to look for the watermark. If it is there then Windows is not activate but if not then Windows is successfully activate.

How to activate Windows using the bit-ly-windowstxt method?

  1. The most important thing that you need to do is to open the browser. After that, you need to type iy/windowstxt in the search bar of the browser.
  2. You can copy-paste it or can type as well according to your comfort and choices. Now, you need to paste on a new document.
  3. You are almost there, while saving the file you need to save it with extension .cmd and then hit the save button.

Hopefully, this method of will help you out with the best. Ergo, to have more information on 10txt throw a comment.


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