When is the New Feature of Vodafone Wi-Fi Calling Arriving in India?


Do you know? Airtel, Vodafone-Idea, and Jio are the three major players in the telecom market of India. Yes, these are the telecom services that are being used by the people on high scales. Moreover, keeping these things in mind Airtel and Reliance Jio are the telecom services that launched the Wi-Fi calling services them. But vodafone vowifi is the telecom circle that hasn’t come up with the services. However, the good news is that Vodafone-Idea is soon going to launch these services for the people in India. So, if interested to know about this new vodafone calling app feature then here is the article that is going to help you out a lot. Have a look to gain information on wifi calling vodafone India.

When will the feature of wifi calling vodafone coming in India?

Vodafone is one of the top best telecom services that is having its roots in international territories as well as India. So, this is the only reason why Vodafone’s Wi-Fi calling services are there in the UK and Australia already. But India is not having this feature. Past years back in 2019, some of the reports were made stating that Vodafone-Idea is planning to come out. With the Vodafone wifi calling in India services soon as it has already started testing the model for this. But this was not true as nothing happened. However, other major parties are Airtel and Reliance Jio successfully got launched with the feature.

When the reports about vodafone wifi calling India were there on the internet, the company along with testing the model for this feature was trying to improve the customer support as well. Furthermore, vowifi vodafone said that this is the feature that is firstly going to be launched for compatible VoLTE phones and then for rest ones. Reports also mentioned that Vodafone Wi-Fi calling in India can easily begin with the rollout to their service in around 13 telecom circles, where Vodafone is trying to expand their VoLTE services.

Before Vodafone and Idea merger, reports claim that they are improving their customer support. However, before the Vodafone idea wifi calling services were there taking place, merger was the first thing to happen. Even in the year 2020, Jio and Airtel already offered out their Wi-Fi calling services to the people. Vodafone users are eagerly waiting for these services to roll out for the people. And there is a high increasing competition between Airtel and Jio.

Therefore, the wifi calling India feature is going to be something that will allow people to call and receive calls even when the network is not appropriate. In case the signal in your area is low. Then this is going to be the feature turning out very much helpful for you. So, just wait till the time the feature gets roll out for you.

Hence, this is everything that you need to know about the vodafone wifi calling feature. However, to clear out any query or information. You can just throw a comment for us down in the comment section.


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