Tried & TestingWays To Fix Microsoft Outlook Errors


Microsoft Outlook errors like pii_email_5c9bc3f2adf45b0806f5 are common and if you are also one of the victims, we’ve got your back. Trust us the problem is not difficult and can solved in just a few steps. In this article, let’s find out how!

If Microsoft Outlook is showing you error messages like [pii_email_5c9bc3f2adf45b0806f5], then it is time that you learn how to fix these error codes and that you’ll start using Microsoft Outlook properly, again. But before we start talking about the solution, let’s take a look at what are the factors that are responsible for the problems or the error codes like [pii_email_5c9bc3f2adf45b0806f5] we face.

The reason behind these errors can vary depending on the problem, but here we will talk about those few which are quite common and are the reasons behind the errors/bugs like [pii_email_5c9bc3f2adf45b0806f5].

The Reasons

  • One of the very main reasons behind these errors can be a lot of accounts that have been signed-in on the Microsoft Outlook application. Multiple accounts, although allowed, can create a load, leading to various problems.
  • It is likely that your Outlook application is outdated, or sometimes not properly or completely installed. In this case, the [pii_email_5c9bc3f2adf45b0806f5] error code seems very likely.
  • Most of us forget to clear cache and cookies often but an application has its limitations. If cookies and cache are overloaded, it is likely to create bugs/errors.

The Solution

Let’s now talk about a few ways you can solve your problems. These ways are simple and fast, and most effective.

  1. Our first reason behind the problem was that multiple accounts on the Outlook application might create a problem. In cases like this, all you have to do is sign out your accounts that are not in use necessarily and keep the ones that are actively in use.
  2. While addressing our second reason, we assure you that if you remove your current version and install it again from the official Microsoft site, it is highly likely that you will get rid of the problem soon.
  3. At times, it is useful to clear cache and cookies, not only for the Microsoft Outlook application but also for others.

Our Take

So, these were our reasons and ways that will help you with your [pii_email_5c9bc3f2adf45b0806f5] error. However, in case if these are not turning out to be effective for you, you can always write it down in the comments. We are in a constant effort to update problem solving articles. If you want to contribute to this article, do write in to us and we will be happy to include your suggestions. If this article was anyway helpful to you, share it with someone who is a regular Microsoft Outlook user. For more such articles keep coming back to


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