Part-time Business Ideas to Earn Extra Income


In 2020 the pandemic showed up as a curse, making millions of lives vulnerable and miserable. Thousands of families are about to face bleak Christmas this year, not because they cannot congregate in large numbers to celebrate, but because the pandemic threat has wiped out all their hopes for the future. Here are some of the real stories of some of the people whose hopes have been quelled:

“I started as a trolley dolly, and I have worked for ferry operators for the last 15 years. It is really sad to see all cruises sitting in the bay, and I have qualms about if I ever can work again. Just when you think you have got good transferable skills, you are turned down because you are either under-qualified or overqualified. However, I also believe that age plays a massive part. If the world continues as it is, I will have neither job nor income, and will not be able to pay bills and mortgages.”

“I have been in construction for 33 years. Every morning I make myself tea, look out planes coming in. the views are still the same, but I see it differently now. I coordinate with my manager, and until the pandemic, I had been doing high-rise buildings. I do not know how long I will have to pay rent, and if I decide on moving in, it means finding a deposit, and that is no longer an option because all of my savings have gone. I have cashed out my car, and now I have a motorbike. I do not know where it would take me, but I am trying to be the best person I can be.”

Now you have got an idea of how the pandemic is pushing people into poverty. Even though you still have a full-time job, there is no guarantee that you will continue to work here. Your employer can downsize because of lack of funds. You may be forced to downgrade your lifestyle, incur more debt, and maybe even refinance your mortgage to secure a better rate.  This is why you should start a part-time business. You may not find its need because you are satisfied with your job or you do not expect to be laid off, or you do not have time, but a few hours at weekends can be sufficient for your part-time business.

Running a part-time business can help you earn some more money, and it frees you from all worries in case your employer makes you redundant. You might shy from starting it because it requires some money to be invested in marketing. This blog discusses some of the part-time business ideas that will not require expensive marketing.

Becomeaparty organiser

Christmas is coming, so this is the best time to make a few bucks by organising parties for your neighbours and friends. This business is evergreen all the time. Even in off-Christmas season, you will get orders for birthday parties, office parties, and the like. Whether it is a birthday party or an office party, it does not need to be a hectic job. You must know who will decorate the place and who will be responsible for catering and that is all.

Further, this business will not cost you a fortune in marketing. Have some pamphlets and business cards ready and give them away so people can contact you when they want to throw a party. You can have civil discourse for your business marketing. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are the best time for promoting this kind of business. If you do not have enough savings to get it off the ground, you can take out guaranteed Christmas loans. These loans are far cheaper than business loans.

Be an affiliate marketer

Affiliate marketing enables you to promote as many products of different companies as possible and earn a commission when people make a purchase. It is a great way to earn money. However, you will have to do initial planning to make it happen. You can start an affiliate programme through either a blog or YouTube.

Whichever the platform you choose, you will have to optimise the content to add affiliate links to make sure it ranks in top results of search engines. Then, you will have to choose the niche. Note that you cannot add affiliate links to food on a health and fitness blog. Last but not least, you will choose affiliate programmes.

Be a caterer

You do not need to open a restaurant to start a catering business, nor do you have to associate with a restaurant to make your dishes served to people. Many people, especially students, professionals and elderly do not have time and strength to cook meals at home, and they all cannot order food from restaurants every other day. This is quite expensive.

You can offer catering services to such people. Prepare meals at home and show them every day. If you target a large number of people, you can keep the prices competitive. The best part of this catering business is the marketing will not cost you a fortune.

Resume writing services

If you have writing skills, you can offer resume writing services to your clients. As you know a resume and cover letter must be written excellent to get shortlisted because that is the first step in the hiring journey.

If you can prepare impressive resumes for people from different fields, you should offer these services to novices and experienced people who are looking for jobs. Now, most of the people have lost their jobs and must be looking for a new job. This is the best time to promote your services.

Such part-time business ideas are a fantastic way to make some money when you are running out of money. If you are looking to start a full-time business down the line, you will get benefit from the experience you gain from your part-time business. Ideas mentioned above will not cost you a fortune in marketing.

 There are several other business ideas you can run along with your full-time job. Spending a couple of hours at the weekends will be more than enough. No matter which business you do, make sure that you have an interest in it and have the potential to run it.


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